George Foreman Grill vs. Outdoor Grill

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George Foreman Grill vs. Outdoor Grill: Which One Should You Buy?

If there’s one thing we associate with relaxing outdoors, it’s grills and barbeques. Regardless of the type of grill, an outdoor grill is the easy choice for both individuals and families.

But can indoor grills like the George Foreman Grill hold its own against these classics? Today, we’ll provide you with the only George Foreman Grill vs. outdoor grill comparison you’ll need to make a choice.

First off, one might wonder if it’s even necessary to make this comparison.  Outdoor grills and the GFG aren’t competing for the same service.

For instance, you wouldn’t take the George Foreman Grill out to your lawn, just as you wouldn’t use your Weber Original Charcoal Grill indoors.

However, in both cases, the primary purpose is still to grill your food. So, getting an in-depth understanding of how they stack up against each other will help use both grills in better ways.

To clearly differentiate between the two options, it’ll help if we understand each item individually.

The George Foreman Grill: Unmatched Convenience

The overall design and intention of the George Foreman Grill is to make grilling indoors easier and faster.

The ease comes from the fact that you can grill a whole range of food and vegetables on it. And you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up huge grills, looking for fuel (charcoal, wood, etc.), or dealing with a big mess later.

The faster grilling happens thanks to the consistent temperature supplied by electricity, the even grilling surface and the simultaneous two-sided grilling.

They give the GFG a much more efficient and time-saving approach to grilling, even though it’s at the cost of perfect grilling quality.

On top of these core conveniences, the George Foreman also has additional features that provide real advantages.

For one, the sloped grill allows extra oils and fats from the food to trickle down and gather in the container below. This means you have a healthier grill and easier disposal of the excess oils.

The floating hinges also mean that you can fit bigger and thicker pieces of meat inside than expected.

Also, the trademark non-stick grill surface makes it super easy to clean and wipe after every grilling session.

Finally, the small and compact size makes it easy to carry around or sit anywhere on your kitchen counter.

As far as usability goes, the George Foreman Grill works anywhere there’s electricity. So, as long as you have a kitchen, your grilled cheese sandwich or a quick grilled chicken breast is available the whole year, regardless of the conditions outside.

The George Foreman Grill makes indoor grilling a smooth and hassle-free affair. So, does it really fare better than outdoor grills?

Outdoor Grills: Unmatched Grilling Quality

Outdoor grills remain the most sought-after units when it comes to a true grilling and barbeque experience.

Yes, they require some preparation, setting up, and operating skills. But once you’ve covered those areas, it provides the true grilling experience by any standards.

When it comes to the smoky taste and genuine grill quality of meat, outdoor grills are a cut above the rest.

One thing that makes outdoor grills stand out is the rich variety of models, designs, and features. There is an outdoor grill for every situation and occasion (except indoor grilling).

So, you can choose from charcoal-powered grills and gas-powered models to portable picnic grills and big capacity lawn grills.

For added flavor, you can pick from various pellet grills or use charcoal grills that can hold wood chunks/pellets for that smoky flavor.

With such a rich variety of grill designs and capabilities, there are very few limits to the grilling you can do on outdoor grills.

But the results also depend a lot on the user. For instance, a beginner may not get the most out of a pellet grill that comes with advanced chimney designs.

On the other hand, a true pit-master can use a charcoal smoker and grill to churn out a steak with the perfect ‘doneness’ and just the right smoky flavor.

The obvious drawback for outdoor grills comes from Mother Nature herself. Grilling and barbequing outdoors always requires good weather.

Inclement weather can surely play spoilsport for any grilling plans if you plan to do it outdoors.

George Foreman Grill vs. Outdoor Grill: The Verdict

The biggest advantage that the GFG has over outdoor grills is the ease and convenience of grilling in the comfort of your kitchen.

Regardless of how versatile outdoor grills can get, you can’t use them indoors with the same efficiency as the George Foreman Grill.

Also, storing and moving the GFG takes about as much effort as moving your toaster around. Yes, there are bigger and more advanced GFG models available today.

But they’re still much more compact compared to heavier outdoor grills that have separate compartments for charcoal, chimneys, or layers of grill.

These minor conveniences aside, the GFG doesn’t really match up to the best outdoor grills today.

There’s something about grilling your steak on the wide surface of a gas grill that makes the experience different.

More importantly, no indoor grill can replicate that traditional smoky flavor you get from wood on an outdoor grill.

And given how that’s a main element of why we love grilled food and barbeques, the GFG can easily fall short.

Additionally, the whole range of outdoor grill designs offer something for everyone.  If you want a small grill for portable outdoor use, Weber’s Q series offers some great options.

If you want more stationary yet feature-filled units, Traeger, Char-Broil, or Weber all have incredibly modern units that still deliver that ideal classic grilling experience.

You can even choose from small, budget-friendly grills or bigger, heavy-duty grills that run up to thousands of dollars.

Ultimately, the outdoor grill category will provide a better experience than the George Foreman Grills in most scenarios.

It’s still not a bad idea to have a GFG model in your kitchen for those rainy days. But for a genuine grilling experience made from real fiery heat and smoke, there’s nothing like a classic outdoor grill.

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