Chicken Burgers vs. Turkey Burgers

Chicken Burgers vs. Turkey Burgers: Which one is better?

Chicken and turkey burgers are fast showing up on restaurant menus and homemade recipes. The personal reason may vary from person to person.

You may be following a diet that requires you to avoid traditional red meat. Or you may simply be in the culinary mood to try something new.

Regardless of the situation, choosing between lean meat burgers like chicken and turkey is becoming more common.

Today, we’ll try and bring the chicken burgers vs. turkey burgers debate to a reasonable conclusion.

Our assessment of dozens of burger recipes for both chicken and turkey reveals that it’s a matter of personal preference. Neither the chicken burger nor the turkey burger offers a world of difference when it comes to nutrition.

However, for true fans of the burger, personal preference alone doesn’t cut it.

You want to know the minute differences in nutrients, taste, and other related factors. Read on to find out how these poultry meats work when it comes to burgers.

Chicken Burgers

Meat and nutrition

The caloric intake for chicken burgers will depend on which cut you’re having. The lean portions usually have adequate levels of protein.

And the dark portions will come with both proteins and additional fat.

The breast meat is a popular lean choice because it fits a variety of culinary styles and recipes.

Chicken breasts and wings usually have about 9gms of protein for every ounce of breast meat. And the whole breast will normally have over 280 calories.

The thighs and drumsticks make up the dark portion of the meat. Each of these portions will have about 9gms of protein for every ounce.

And both these portions give about 1.7gms of fat for every ounce.


Chicken is fairly mild-tasting meat compared to other red alternatives like pork and beef. The thighs and legs have richer tastes thanks to the higher levels of fats and myoglobin in these areas.

Chicken meat is also believed to contain lower levels of amino acids called glutamates. So, it’s not as savory as more intense red meats.

This deficiency is also part of the reason why it can become juicy and tender when cooked correctly.

So, your burger still has enough to work with if you cook or grill the chicken to the right degree.

Turkey Burgers

Similar to chicken and any other poultry, the breast and legs are the most popular cuts of a turkey, too (if you’re not preparing it whole).

Turkey meat’s nutritional profile also resembles chicken meat in many ways. For instance, turkey breast and wings provide about 8gms of protein for every ounce. That’s only a 1gm difference in the protein content of both types of meat.

Meat and nutrition

And turkey meat also contains about 8-9gms of protein for dark portions like the leg and thighs.

Turkey meat will have a marginally higher fat content. It’s about 2gms per ounce as opposed to the 1.7gms that chicken provides.

All in all, the nutrition and caloric value of turkey meat are almost identical to chicken meat. So, the nutritional differences between these two burgers are tiny and negligible at best.


Most people would agree that turkey meat comes pretty close to chicken when it comes to taste. So, the same mild flavors will be present in turkey.

There is, however, a subtle difference in some respects. Turkey can often be considered more of a game animal than poultry if compared with chicken.

So, there’s the distinct aroma that you sometimes find in duck meat. And for some people, this distinct aroma doesn’t go well in burgers.

But it’s something that you’ll have to find out when you try your first turkey burger.

Besides that, you’ll find that turkey meat is even blander compared to other poultry like chicken or fowl.

Chicken Burgers vs. Turkey Burgers

The taste and texture of both types of meat will be very similar when it comes to burgers. So, any chicken burger recipe should normally work for turkey meat too.

However, turkey meat can sometimes be more conducive to absorbing condiments because it has a milder taste. But that’s not to say there’s a world of difference in taste.

The trick is to use a healthy balance of both lean portions and dark meats.

So, if you had ground chicken with portions of the breast and thighs included, that would probably give you the best flavors.

And it would work the same way for the turkey burger too.

The bigger difference will come in your choice of garnishes and added ingredients.

So, whether your chicken burger or turkey burger tastes better will depend on the toppings, veggies, and sauces you use.

Ultimately, the chicken burger or turkey burger is meant for those enthusiasts who really want to try a new recipe that doesn’t include conventional red meats.

Other than that, they’re also good alternatives if your diet requires you to take more lean meats.

Whether it’s on medical grounds or for a bodybuilding regimen, both burgers will provide healthy levels of protein without the excess fats.

Final Notes

The verdict is that both chicken and turkey burgers are lean alternatives if you want to stay away from greasy, red meat.

That being said, neither one really comes close to the rich flavors you’ll get from a juicy burger with beef.

But if your diet requires you to stick to leaner meat or white meat, both these options will work well for you.

Here’s a summarized list of how these two burger meats compare.

  • Both the chicken burger and turkey burger will provide similar quantities of calories, proteins, and vitamins if served in equal portions.
  • Most times, the chicken burger may have a slightly higher fat content.
  • Both the chicken and turkey meats have naturally mild tastes. So, the condiments and
    ingredients you use will heavily influence the taste.
  • In most cases, recipes for chicken burgers will work for turkey burgers and vice versa.
  • The best taste will come if you can combine the lean cuts (breast, wings) with dark portions (thighs, legs). This healthy combination will give you a good balance of fatty and bland flavors.