Best Slow Cooker with Saute Function

Top 5 Slow Cookers with Sauté Function 1.Calphalon Digital Sauté Slow Cooker Key features Ceramic cooking surface Keep-warm mode Two heating features Led lights on cooking modes 5.3-quart capacity Sauté pan The Calphalon digital sauté slow cooker will change the way you cook and add exciting recipes. The saute pan can be detached from the … Read more

Best Carving Knife Set For Fruits and Vegetables

Best carving knife set for fruits and vegetables While cutting fruits and vegetables is a common task in the kitchen, there are a number of challenges that can make this process quite tedious. Dull knives will have trouble penetrating certain skins of fruits and vegetables, while using the wrong type of knife will result in … Read more

Best Slow Cooker For Bone Broth

Bone broth is a delicacy devoured all around the world. Nothing beats homemade soup if you are looking for tasty, nutrient rich drink. You can buy the beef bones from your nearest butcher. To make the best, request for freshly cut bones that have not been in the freezer for more than 24 hours. You … Read more

Which Brand is Best For a Sandwich Maker?

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Other Uses For a Panini Press

The other great uses for a Panini Press in your kitchen You may not think highly of a Panini press because it’s a small kitchen gadget. But it can make a long list of delicious meals for you. There are many different things that you can cook with a Panini press. If you think it’s … Read more

How to Clean a Panini Press

How to Clean a Panini Press A Panini press is a gadget that should be in every kitchen. It makes easy work of whipping up a snack and cooks delicious meals. You can use it for grilling or making sandwiches and much more. This is a gadget that comes in handy when you want to … Read more

Can You Use Regular Bread In A Panini Press?

Can You Use Regular Bread In A Panini Press?  A Panini press will allow you to create fancy yet simple recipes, and bring bland sandwiches to an end. All you need is bread and your favorite ingredients to create a snack that feels and tastes like it came straight out of gourmet cafe. Chefs hosting … Read more

What Does A Medium Saucepan Look Like?

What Does A Medium Saucepan Look Like? Saucepans are round pots, vertically tall, and usually come with a lid. Most of them have a long handle only, but some come with a small side looped handle to help you lift when they have food or water. Since they are versatile in the kitchen, it is … Read more