Best Tool for Cutting Sweet Potatoes

Most people who love French fries also know how delicious sweet potato fries can be. They are a delicacy that has gained popularity in the past few decades. Instead of buying in your local restaurant every time you want to enjoy some sweet potato fries, you can now make some in your home. It is … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of a Pastry Brush?

What can I use instead of a pastry brush?A pastry brush makes work easier in recipes where you want your final product to have a nice crusty, moist, or sticky finish. It is an efficient kitchen utensil piece but can be substituted with leafy greens, paper towels, coffee filters, paintbrushes, a freezer bag, or your … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of Cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth is made from gauze. It is used in different ways in the kitchen but mostly for straining liquids. Some of the best alternatives of cheesecloth are: Kitchen towel Mesh bag Cotton fabric Wire sieve Coffee filter Pantyhose Medical Gauze Cheesecloth Defined Cheesecloth is a porous fabric and is one of the different types of … Read more

Poultry shears vs kitchen shears?

Poultry shears vs. kitchen shears Unless you have all the essential kitchen tools, you will have a hard time preparing meals. Poultry shears and kitchen are some of them. It would be a terrible mistake that one of them can replace the other. The two are totally different though sometimes used interchangeably. The main difference … Read more