Best Cheese For Burgers

Best slice cheese for burgers Most people love cheeseburger to the extent that it has a special day in the US. It is known as National Cheeseburger Day, which is held every 18th of September. It is fun to go out for a burger, but you can easily prepare a cheeseburger even at home. The … Read more

Can You Cook Beef From Frozen?

Can you cook beef from frozen? Yes, you can cook beef from frozen. However, you must give the meat plenty of time to cook properly before serving. Frozen meat should cook at a minimum of 70°C for about two minutes to kill all harmful bacteria. Most people believe that meat should be defrosted prior to … Read more

The Best Lettuce for Burgers


The best Lettuce for Burgers Lettuce is one of the famous burger toppings that can make or break it. While some people hardly care about the lettuce in a burger, it is hard to ignore the additional texture, flavour, and color it adds. But for lettuce leaves to serve their purpose in a burger, you … Read more

How to keep Burgers warm and moist after grilling

How to keep Burgers warm and moist after grilling Preparing grilled burgers is a simple process but keeping them warm is a challenge even to experienced cooks. When hosting friends, it’s obvious you need to need to prepare more burgers and ensure the first ones grilled remain warm. This is because burgers taste different when … Read more

How to Make Thin Burgers on the Grill


How to Make Thin Burgers on the Grill Burgers are delicious and some of the best snacks that anyone in the western world can think of. The thickness of your burger generally depends on your preference. In general, a burger may be defined as a sandwich, and to get the best one, you should know … Read more