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Silicone Cutting Boards

Silicone cutting boards

Cutting boards are available in different materials, different sizes, and even different colors, so how do you know which one is best for your cooking needs?

Shredded Cheese Container

shredded cheese container

You can save a bit of money by shredding your own cheese. But what do you do with your shredded cheese? This guide to shredded cheese containers will take you through everything you need to know about shredded cheese and its proper storage.

Hamburger and Burger Difference

Hamburger and Burger Difference

The difference between a hamburger and a burger is not straightforward. In fact, it’s bizzarely complicated. Wondering about the difference between these words may not even be the best way to think of them. Let’s go through it.

Pizza Peel Substitute

Pizza Peel Alternative

Pizza Peels are great, but what if yours is broken or you don’t have one? What is a Pizza Peel What is a pizza peel? It’s the vaguely shovel shaped tool with a flat area and a long handle that you use to get pizzas into and out of ovens safely. By safely I mean … Read more

Kitchen Twine vs Regular Twine

Is Kitchen Twine the same as Butchers Twine

The culinary world is full of items that are necessary in order to create amazing dishes. When it comes to the preparation of meat items and especially poultry, the ability to truss and stuff wouldn’t be possible without  Kitchen twine. When it comes to twines used in the kitchen, there are three terms that we … Read more

How To Tell If a Burger Is Undercooked?

undercooked burger

Your burger is not fully cooked just because it has sizzled for a while on the grill. What does the FDA say? The FDA says that the safe minimum internal temperature for ground meat, which is what a beef hamburger is, is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a well done burger. Not all people eat … Read more

Fish Slice Spatula Difference

A Fish Slice

Both of the items in the photo above are commonly referred to as spatulas. The top left item is also called a turner, and, in this case, a slotted turner. Slotted turners are typically used to flip food in a pan or skillet, especially greasy foods such as hamburgers, fatty fish like salmon, and fish with skin.