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What is a rubber spatula used for?

What is a rubber spatula used for?

A rubber spatula is one very versatile kitchen utensil. The rubber spatula uses include stirring, mixing, scraping mixture from the bottom of bowls and blenders, and much more. What is a rubber spatula used for? The addition of the rubber spatula to the American kitchen made life a lot easier for the home cook and … Read more

Meat Fondue Broth Vs. Oil

Fondue Oil VS Broth

Fondue is a cooking meat method, and its cooks with hot liquid until the meat is done according to every diner’s preference. A decision needs to be made about whether to go with oil or broth fondue. Meat Fondue Broth Vs. Oil You basically pierce a piece of meat using the traditional fondue fork or … Read more

Piping Bag Alternative

A piping bag is used when making pies and cakes. You can use parchment paper, a plastic sandwich bag, or a kitchen towel instead of a piping bag. Best Piping Bag Substitute All you have to do is shape the bag, parchment paper, or towel into a cone shape and leave a small opening to … Read more

Smash Burger Griddle Temperature

A smash burger is one of the most sumptuous snacks you can make at home. It is a delightful and an American staple cooked on a griddle at a temp of about 400 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Smashburger Griddle Temp But this varies depending on the burger’s thickness. It is easy and quick food to … Read more

George Foreman Grill vs Skillet

George Foreman Skillet

The George Foreman Grill is, essentially, a household name when it comes to electric grills used indoors. It’s a compact machine that offers more convenience than competing models and substituting utensils. George Foreman Grill vs. Pan: Make the Right Choice! On the other hand, the pan remains a classic utensil that can sear and cook … Read more

Substitute For Parmesan Cheese

Substitutes for Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is a unique food that is dry and hard. It is originated in Italy and makes a great addition to most meals. Whether you are making pizza, pasta or any other food, parmesan cheese adds an excellent touch. Substitutes for Parmesan Cheese you may have in your Kitchen! The unique thing about Parmesan … Read more