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Substitute for Kirsch Liqueur

Substitute for Kirsch Liqueur

Kirsch is considered to be a fruit liqueur that tastes of almond and cherry, but with some mild bitter undertone. It gives out a cherry aroma that can be easily identified. It is often used in Black Forest gateau, trifle, fondue, clafoutis, cocktails, etc. Find your Perfect Substitute for Kirsch Liqueur It could be that … Read more

Pudding Basin Substitute

Pudding Steamer

Good Substitute for Pudding Basin? A pudding steamer / pudding basin is essential for making pudding as it ensures the pudding stays fluffy and receives the exact amount of moisture to prevent it from disintegrating. Making a pudding can be tricky as it requires the pudding not to be too close to the source of … Read more

Can I Substitute Chicken Thighs For Chicken Breasts

Can I Substitute Chicken Thighs For Chicken Breasts

While a whole roasted chicken can be great, there are times when you have to pick between meat cuts. Can Chicken Thighs be Substituted for Chicken Breast? And the two prime cuts you usually pick are either the breast or the thighs. But can you, say, use chicken thighs instead of breasts in cooking? Here’s … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of a Whisk?

Whisk Substitute

Whisk substitutes in your Kitchen While cooking can be described as art, you must have the right appliances and cookware to cook according to a given recipe. If you need a whisk and do not have one, you can find alternatives that include forks, chopsticks, blenders, wooden spoons, and empty containers. A whisk is a … Read more

Best Onion for Burgers

Best Onion For Burgers

Many burger recipes hardly specify which onion you should use; it only says add onion. You can use almost any onion for your burger, but using the correct one for your specific type of burger will make it taste better. Here we will consider the best onions for hamburgers. What is the Best Onion for … Read more

Can You Cook Garlic Bread in a Microwave?

Can you microwave garlic bread?

Yes, you absolutely can – microwave garlic bread is quick, easy, and tasty. Just be sure to stand by and watch as your garlic bread is cooking in the microwave. It takes about 30 -45 seconds to cook soft garlic bread and a little longer for nice crispy bread. I personally use a medium-high setting. … Read more

Using a Bamboo Steamer For The First Time? A helpful Guide.

Bamboo steamer alternative

Steaming food is a timeless cooking procedure. A bamboo steamer can be used to steam almost any food including veggies, rice, proteins, cakes and bread. Using a Bamboo Steamer for the First Time? This cookware provides the easiest way to make any meal delicious without spending a fortune. What is a bamboo steamer? A bamboo … Read more

Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake

Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake

There’s no doubt that part of a cheesecake’s delectable and mouth-watering taste comes from the cream cheese. Need a Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake? Here are the Best Alternatives! So, some might wonder if, in the absence of cream cheese, is it really a cheesecake? Well, for those of us looking for a substitute … Read more