Why are my Burgers Bleeding?

Why are my burgers bleeding?

Most of the time, it’s only water and myoglobin (a protein) that trickles out when you start cooking or grilling the meat.

Best Spatula For Scrambled Eggs

Best Spatula for Scrambled Eggs

Making scrambled eggs is a common practice in the kitchen, and one of the quickest meals you can make. What you need though is the right spatula to make your scrambled eggs. Top 6 Best spatulas for making scrambled eggs Different spatulas come with various modifications. The Best spatula for scrambled eggs should be lightweight, … Read more

Pizza Peel Substitute

Pizza Peel Alternative

Pizza Peels are great, but what if yours is broken or you don’t have one? What is a Pizza Peel What is a pizza peel? It’s the vaguely shovel shaped tool with a flat area and a long handle that you use to get pizzas into and out of ovens safely. By safely I mean … Read more

Substitute for Kirsch Liqueur

Substitute for Kirsch Liqueur

Kirsch is considered to be a fruit liqueur that tastes of almond and cherry, but with some mild bitter undertone. It gives out a cherry aroma that can be easily identified. It is often used in Black Forest gateau, trifle, fondue, clafoutis, cocktails, etc. Find your Perfect Substitute for Kirsch Liqueur It could be that … Read more

What Is A Heavy Bottom Saucepan?

What is a Heavy Bottom Saucepan?

As we know, Saucepans are the cookware that has high walls meant for sauces and cooking recipes with high liquid content. The Heavy Bottom Saucepan is a specific type of saucepan that can actually improve your cooking.

Pudding Basin Substitute

Pudding Steamer

Good Substitute for Pudding Basin? A pudding steamer / pudding basin is essential for making pudding as it ensures the pudding stays fluffy and receives the exact amount of moisture to prevent it from disintegrating. Making a pudding can be tricky as it requires the pudding not to be too close to the source of … Read more

Can I Substitute Chicken Thighs For Chicken Breasts

Can I Substitute Chicken Thighs For Chicken Breasts

While a whole roasted chicken can be great, there are times when you have to pick between meat cuts. Can Chicken Thighs be Substituted for Chicken Breast? And the two prime cuts you usually pick are either the breast or the thighs. But can you, say, use chicken thighs instead of breasts in cooking? Here’s … Read more

Potato Ricer Vs. Masher

potato ricer vs masher

The kitchenware you choose to use when mashing your potatoes has a significant effect on their texture after mashing. Potato Ricer Vs. Masher To ensure you get smooth, soft and delicious mashed potatoes, you should have the right kitchenware. A potato ricer and a potato masher are some of the best tools to mash your … Read more