Is a Panini Press Worth It?

Is a Panini Press Worth it? If you love cooking or like short, simple recipes, a Panini press will impress you. This is an appliance for every kitchen owner who wants to make exciting meals. It is a small device; hence it will not take much space on the kitchen counter. It will inspire you … Read more

How to clean burnt saucepans?

How to clean burnt saucepans? A saucepan is the best choice when you want to simmer your food for hours on the stove or reheat some soup that you had stored in the freezer. The results are savory food or soup that will warm you up even during the coldest cold season—however, a small mistake … Read more

How big is a 3-quart saucepan?

How big is a 3-quart saucepan? A 3-quart saucepan should be part of every cookware collection. It is a versatile pot that makes your kitchen activities run easily and smoothly. It is used on a stovetop and is smaller than the stockpot though quite deep. Besides, it is not as wide as a frying pan … Read more

What Is A Toastie In Australia?

Being an Australian myself, this question is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been eating and loving “toasties” since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. The Toastie has been a staple for many Aussies as long as we can remember. We all enjoy a toastie after a night out on the piss, snuggling up … Read more

Do You Put Eggs In Boiling Water or Cold ?

For the most consistent eggs, I recommend boiling the water first. Its easier to get the timing right and in my experience, it just works well. I think its important to note that you must be careful not to burn yourself when placing the eggs in the boiling water. I think we have all faced … Read more

Are Egg Cookers Worth it ?

In my opinion yes, they are totally worth it. That also depends on how often you like to cook eggs for breakfast. If your’e anything like me, that’s quite often, so it makes sense to make sure its an easy process that ends in a perfectly cooked egg every time. Of course, there are plenty … Read more

What is a Saucepan and what is it used for ?

This is an interesting question to answer, the word itself seems to infer a pan used for cooking sauce, right? ahh, Sauce-pan. Well, yes and no. Simply put, The Saucepan is used for cooking things, over a stove or other heat source. Liquids are the most common use for the saucepan, with sauces, stews, and … Read more

How Much Does a New Garbage Disposal Cost ?

How Much Does a New Garbage Disposal Cost ? Hi Folks, Lets cut to the chase. You need to replace your Garbage disposal, or get a new one. How much is it going to set you back? Of course that depends on things like size and quality. There are many cheaper ones that may drive … Read more