What Can I Use Instead Of a Proofing Basket?

A proofing basket is essential to both seasoned and amateur bakers. However, it can be substituted with a bowl, plastic container, wicker basket, linen cloth, bowl terracotta pots, and colander. This basket ups your baking game; it is a vital process in bread baking as you leave the dough to rise and rest before baking … Read more

Can You Grease a Pan With Olive Oil?

Can You Grease a Pan With Olive Oil ? I’m sitting here at my dining room table and started wondering. Can I use olive oil to grease my pan? Of course the questions arose as I have run out of my usual pan spray. As I researched I found there was no real clear answer. … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of a Pastry Brush?

What can I use instead of a pastry brush?A pastry brush makes work easier in recipes where you want your final product to have a nice crusty, moist, or sticky finish. It is an efficient kitchen utensil piece but can be substituted with leafy greens, paper towels, coffee filters, paintbrushes, a freezer bag, or your … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of Cornstarch?

What can i use instead of cornstarch? Cornstarch is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. It is used in baking and cooking different foods. If you do not have some in your kitchen, you can use the following cornstarch substitutes. Rice flour Arrowroot powder Wheatflour Potato starch Tapioca Ground flaxseeds Before we dive in and … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of A Pastry Cutter?

A pastry cutter makes it easy to prepare various meals, including biscuits, pie crust and other baked goodies. It is also referred to as dough or a pastry blender. Any recipe that requires you to mix dry ingredients with butter or fat needs a pastry cutter. It is not a common utensil and so you … Read more

What Can You Use Instead Of A Dutch Oven?

A Dutch oven can be substituted by a stockpot, crockpot, an instant pot, or an electric tabletop dryer. The best substitute must have a tight-fitting lid with a heavy base that should be usable on the stovetop and the oven. What is a Dutch oven? Obviously you know, as you need a substitute. It just … Read more