Can You Use Regular Bread In A Panini Press?

Can You Use Regular Bread In A Panini Press?

 A Panini press will allow you to create fancy yet simple recipes, and bring bland sandwiches to an end.

All you need is bread and your favorite ingredients to create a snack that feels and tastes like it came straight out of gourmet cafe.

Chefs hosting cooking videos on youtube or a simple google search will give you numerous ideas.

The bread is one of the main ingredients, but can all types of breads can be used with this appliance?

The loaf you choose to use will determine the end result. With that being said, regular bread cannot be ruled out because there is no real right or wrong bread to use with Panini press.

However, some simple tips will go along way to ensure you create a better than ordinary sandwich.

Tips for Picking the Right Bread

  • Fluffy bread

Soft and fluffy bread should not be used alongside wet ingredients because it will break, and the sandwich will crumble. Some wet ingredients include pesto and will make your bread wet immediately after you put it on.

  • Matching ingredients

Finding bread with matching ingredients can be overlooked but can help you create a tasty sandwich. Some sandwiches have a perfect flavor when the bread pairs with ingredient.

For example, it would be odd to make a meat sandwich with sweet bread.

Neutral bread comes in handy as it does not influence the flavor of your sandwich; where possible, get a loaf of bread that matches your ingredients.

  • Cultural heritage

Some cultural recipes have to use specific bread to make a sandwich. For example, the telera for the Mexican torta and Italian meats sandwich are perfect with ciabatta.

Making a Dry Sandwich

Dry sandwiches are made of meat, hard cheese with minimal wet ingredients.

When you go to the bread rack, make sure that you pick dense bread. It is indicated on the package, and it is quite heavy.

A good example is rye bread. You should always pick thinly sliced bread and avoid buying a block because it will be tasking to slice it.

Making a wet sandwich

This refers to a vegetable sandwich with oily ingredients that drip under the heat. It would be best if you got a high-density bread to avoid sogginess.

Helpful Bread Tips when using a Panini

Do not go for ordinary bread just because it’s your favorite. If you place it on a Panini, it will shrink because it is not recommended for salad sandwiches.

Also do not use bagel for Panini sandwiches because the heat will not get into your ingredients.

The bread you use should allow heat to saturate all around so that the ingredients are well-cooked in the Panini.

A Panini press allows you to experiment with different types of sandwiches. But as mentioned, be sure to get the right bread according to your ingredients.

This appliance encourages you to pay attention to the recipe book and try out various types of sandwiches.

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