Can You Grease a Pan With Olive Oil?

Can You Grease a Pan With Olive Oil ?

I’m sitting here at my dining room table and started wondering. Can I use olive oil to grease my pan?

Of course the questions arose as I have run out of my usual pan spray.

As I researched I found there was no real clear answer.

Im aware that usually olive oil is used after cooking or close to the finishing of cooking to really savour its fantastic aroma.

After some careful research, I found that we shouldn’t heat olive oil to more than 140F. But it indeed has a reasonable high smoke point of about 400F. There is no real reason why you can’t use olive oil to grease your pan.

The real question here is it a good substitute ? and does it work as well as traditional greasing methods.

You can actually even use  olive oil as a butter substitute. There is a ratio that people use that tends to get fairly good results.

The ratio is 1.5 table spoons of olive oil  to 2 table spoons of butter.

Is it going to be as good as regular pan greasing methods?

Of course, the answer is no or probably not. Otherwise, It would already be a greasing staple.

Best Olive oil For Cooking

Woman’s Day seems to report that extra virgin olive oil is the best for cooking and frying. It’s derived from the very first olive press which is why it’s so pure and has a fantastic flavor. It’s also important to know the source of your olive oil. Usually, the olive oil will come from Italy or span. Domestically, California is also known as a producer of olive oil.


I think the key point is here, just give it a try for yourself and see how it goes. It’s probably not going to be a regular thing so you may as well give it a try. As mentioned above as long as it’s not heated beyond 140f things should be ok.

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