Can I Use Sour Cream Instead Of Cream Cheese?

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Can i use sour cream instead of cream cheese?

Yes, you can use sour cream instead of cream cheese. It has a tangy taste that adds a delicious twist to your sauces, cakes and dips and other dishes. It is thick and sour due to the bacteria produced by lactic acid. This is what enriches the flavor of your food.

When Is Sour Cream used?

Sour cream comes in handy as a great substitute for cream cheese when making sauces and dips due to its thickness and richness. In addition, it has a unique but tangy taste that always refreshes any dish that requires cream cheese. You can also use it as a salad or topping instead of cheese cream.

This cream cheese substitute is perfect for baked goodies, and unlike cheese cream, you can add it to your cake batter. Of course, it changes the taste of your cake, but you can always make some adjustments, such as using two more tablespoons to make your cake firmer.

Since the sour cream can be used straight from the container, it makes one of the best frosting ingredients. In addition, it doesn’t require to be cooked because it’s ready for consumption just the way it is.

However, it cannot be used in foods such as boiling soups. When sour cream comes into contact with heat, it curdles. The best time to add sour cream or cheese cream to your soup is after cooking and allowing it to cool down.

Besides, you cannot use sour cream in cheesecake. It will make the cake lose its structure. You should also avoid using fat-free sour cream for baking or cooking because it can affect the outcome of your recipe. It alters the cooking process.

Similar Uses of Sour Cream and Cream Cheese

Both cream cheese and sour cream can be used to make dipping sauces when combined with herbs and spices. This is served with potato wedges and chips, which can be combined with vegetables such as celery, peppers, and carrots.

  • If you want your sandwiches to taste differently, you can use sour cream instead of cheese cream. You can combine this sour cream with sweet fruits or tomato slices on your bagel or burger.
  • Baking is not complete without some cream cheese as a topping. You add the sour cream in your cake batters and still use it as a topping. It gives the cake  a creamy interior with even external browning.
  • In salad dressing, you can use either sour cream or cheese cream for dressing. You can combine it with steak or potatoes for a delicious dinner.
  • Sour cream garnishes your soup just like cheese cream. All you have to do is add after cooking the soup to give a thicker and smoother texture.

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