Can I use Red Onions In Meatloaf?

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Can I use red onions in meatloaf?

To prepare a delicious meatloaf, you need to combine various ingredients before baking or smoking it. Onions are a primary ingredient, and your meatloaf would be incomplete without them.

However, it can be challenging to decide which one will work the best with your recipe. Red onions are one of the best onions that most cooks use when preparing meatloaf.

There are various reasons why this specific type of onion works best with meatloaf. Read on to see why you can use your red onion in meatloaf.

  • Availability

The most common onion you can get effortlessly in your local market or the nearest grocery store is the red onion.

Since it’s the most available type of onion, you can quickly get it and use it to make your meatloaf.

Although your meatloaf recipe sometimes may state the type of onion to use, you can always substitute it with the red onion as it is readily available and relatively fresh.

  • The sweetness of the onion

Although the red onion will make you teary while chopping, it has a mild flavor that enhances the taste of your final product.

Once this onion is caramelized to a golden-brown color, it gives your meatloaf a delicious taste. It also becomes crispy with a bit of after-taste that you cannot get from any other ingredient.

  • Adds color to your dish

Just like any onion, you can sauté, stir-fry, simmer and even caramelize with red onion.

Although it loses some of its taste, contrary to when raw, it gives your meatloaf a mild onion flavor and still gives your meal an appealing touch of color.

  • Moistens the meatloaf

One way of making perfectly moist meatloaf is by adding pureed vegetables such as onions. Red onions have high water levels making them perfect for moisturizing the meatloaf.

To make the onions juicer, sauté them in olive oil or butter before adding them to the meatloaf. They release more of their moisture into the meatloaf, making it juicer with an extra flavor.

Tips in picking the right red onion

To prepare a delicious meatloaf, you need to have all the necessary ingredients. When it comes to red onions picking the right ones, you need to follow some tips.

The following are some of the tips to consider when buying red onions.

  • Ensure the red onion has a nice red-purple color.
  • Pick the ones that are heavy, firm, and without visible bruises. To confirm they are firm enough, check the root side and the upper part by pressing.
  • Ensure the onion does not have black or brown spots underneath its skin.


If you purchase more red onions than you need for your meatloaf, store them in a cool, dry, and dark place and not remove their outer skin.

For pre-cut onions, please place them in an air-tight container and refrigerate them. If not sure about which type of onions to add to your meatloaf, now you that red onion can come in handy.

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