Can I Use A Frying Pan Instead Of A Griddle?

Can I Use A Frying Pan Instead Of A Griddle

Usually a girddle can be used instead of a frying pan in some scenarios. At times it can be even more usefull than a frying pan. But before going into the nitty-gritty of this discussion lets first understand what griddle and frying pans are and the basic difference between the two.

What is a griddle?

The griddle is a flat bottomed device with a raised surface that is used for cooking. It is generally used for large-scale commercial cooking but is also used for residential cooking. This metallic plate can be used on the gas stove, electric oven, or wooden cooking devices.

Metals used to make griddle

The metals which are used to make griddles are cast iron, chrome steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. However, traditional griddles may be of stone or brick. Residential griddles are made of wrought iron, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Use of Griddle

•          For cooking sausages, quesadillas, French toast, bacon, and so on, griddles are perfect.

•          It is used to grill sandwiches, steaks, chicken, pork, and also vegetables

•          One can cook breakfast like pancakes and eggs on a griddle.

What is a frying pan?

A frying pan, on the other hand, is a flat bottomed pan with a long handle. It is not that deep and is used for frying and sautéing different items in oil.

Metals used to make frying pan

The most commonly used metal to make a frying pan is cast iron. However, it is also made of steel, aluminum, ceramic, copper, etc.

Uses of the frying pan

•          Items like chicken, pork etc. are pan-fried to make it crispy.

•          Steaks can be pan smeared

•          Frying pans are used for broiling casseroles and braise meat.

Frying pan or griddle

Now choosing a frying pan or a griddle entirely depends on the type of food that is being cooked. If too much liquid is required to cook an item, then a griddle is the best option because of its raised surface. In other words, the griddle is perfect for cooking foods like vegetables, meat, etc.

However, while frying or tossing food items, one can consider a griddle to be a better option as it is spacious enough to prevent the food from falling outside of it. The other advantage of using griddle is that most of the models are available with a drip tray which does not allow the grease to spill. Thus it makes cleaning easier.

Anything can be cooked and fried on a griddle, especially when cooked in large volume. So selecting a frying pan over a griddle is not that easy as it seems, as both have unique features though their functions may look similar. But if one chooses any of the two, it depends on the type of food being cooked.

 If the amount of time taken to prepare the food is longer, then a frying pan is not a good choice. Again, if a large quantity of food is to be prepared, a griddle is required as they are larger. But for a quick tossing or frying, a frying pan should be the choice with no questions asked!

Griddle is the best option

To conclude, one needs to keep in mind that the frying pan restricts the limit of the quantity of the food being cooked and if the preparation time is longer. But griddles will support every need with no limits. So it is a much wiser decision to select a griddle in our opinion.

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