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Best Tomatoes for Burgers

Tomatoes are some of the popular burger toppings. They are available in different types, sizes, and flavors- sweet, savory, or tart.

Best Tomatoes for Burgers

To bring out the best in your burger, be it beef, chicken, or turkey, you must choose the right tomatoes.

The secret to picking good tomatoes is to consider the taste you want to add to your burger. We are going to talk about the types of tomatoes considered the best for burgers.

The best tomatoes for burgers should be firm and ripe with just enough moisture to keep them juicy, but not dribble down your chin or dampen the bun.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes exist in various colors as they grow naturally. They also come in different shapes and tastes.

The yellow heirloom tomatoes have a mild flavor, and on the other side, the green and red ones are tarts. Some of the best heirloom tomatoes for burgers include;

Brandywine Tomatoes may be the Best Tomatoes for Burgers!
Brandywine Tomatoes may be the Best Tomatoes for Burgers!

Brandywine Tomato

This type of heirloom tomato has an odd shape, is not round, and is pink-red with a great flavor.

Brandywine tomatoes are not acidic, making it the best topping as they will not try to overpower the taste of your burger.

They are also large enough to fit in your burger, bringing out the hearty tomato flavor.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Cherokee purple tomato’s name originates from its outer color, which is usually purple or pink. It is rich in tart flavor and very juicy.

Cherokee tomatoes are excellent for grilling for an extra taste on your burger. They also have a bit of smoky flavor, which is a bonus for the burger.

Green Giant Tomato

If you want a different color on your burger, you can opt to add the green giant tomatoes as a topping.

These tomatoes are large enough and retain their color even after grilling. They are also juicy and have a spicy flavor that brings out a different taste on your burger when combined with the spices.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteak tomatoes weigh around one pound or more and can be up to 6 inches in diameter, making them large enough to use in burgers.

They exist in different kinds, such as the beefmaster and the Marmande. They have fewer seeds with a meaty flavor making them one of the best toppings for burgers.

Beefsteak tomatoes have a tangy acidic taste, and it is very juicy making them great for stacking in hamburgers.

When you roast these kinds of tomatoes in olive oil with salt and pepper, it gives your burger a wonderful smoky flavor.

Beefmaster Tomato

The beefmaster tomato is meaty, juicy, and has a tart flavor. It is also large enough to fit in your burger. This tomato can last for a week in the open, but it can also be refrigerated. 

Beefmaster tomatoes are similar to beefsteak tomatoes.

Pink Caspian Tomato

The Pink Caspian tomatoes are large with an acidic taste. They are best when preparing the classic burgers as they bring a balance of sweetness and acidity.

The Pink Caspian tomatoes are great for roasting and grilling.

Marmande Tomato

This tomato is medium size making it perfect for burgers when sliced. It is also juicy with few seeds. It has a tart flavor making it the best choice for your burgers.

You can stuff the ground beef into the tomatoes for a different taste instead of adding them as toppings.

  • Black Krim Tomatoes

The black Krim tomatoes are the best as burger toppings because of their salty flavor and robust beef texture.

  • Bucks County Tomatoes

These tomatoes grow large, and they are dark red with a great flavor. If you slice bucks county tomatoes and combine them with onions, it brings out an excellent burger taste.

Getting the right tomato that will give your burger the taste and texture you want can be challenging.

To know the best tomato, try the varieties above and many others you might come across.