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Best Stovetop Sandwich Maker

If you love sandwiches, a sandwich maker is an essential appliance in your kitchen. It is the quickest way to make cheese toasties, pesto, and chicken sandwiches along with other toasted sandwiches.

Most people are used to electric sandwich makers and cannot imagine missing their favorite sandwich while away from home. But, there are stovetop sandwich makers that you place on your stovetop to get an awesome hot toasted sandwich.

They are the best to use when away from home or even when you want that authentic taste that can only be found from a sandwich cooked on a stove. Here is a list to help you find the best stovetop sandwich makers:

4 Top Stovetop Sandwich Makers

Diablo Stovetop Sandwich Maker

Key Features

  • Made of strong cast aluminum
  • Safe heat resistant handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with no plugs
Diablo Stovetop Toasted Sandwich Snack Maker
  • Create devilishly deep filled toasted snacks
  • Cast aluminum body had two layers of extra strong coating for scratch-resistant, non-stick cooking
  • Heat proof handle, use on gas and electric stovetops
  • Not suitable with induction cookers; dishwasher safe
  • No plugs. No mess. No problem.

This is a unique sandwich maker and different from the conventional ones but makes an equally delicious toast. It makes sandwiches with deep fillings, which allows you to pile your ingredients as you wish. Since the toaster doesn’t lock or latch like electric sandwich makers, your toast cooks perfectly without being pressed down, though you have to flip it as it cooks. It is ideal for uniquely shaped sandwiches.

Diablo Stovetop Sandwich Maker - Sandwich Press Stove Top

The Diablo Stovetop Sandwich maker can be used on a gas or electric stove. The sandwich cooks within a few minutes. The toast maker is coated with titanium, which prevents the bread from sticking. Its cast iron body lasts for years, and you need not worry about the handle getting hot; it doesn’t get hot despite being used on direct heat.

Red Copper Flipwich Non-stick sandwich maker

Key Features

  • Copper-infused and ceramic cooking area
  • Plates are aluminum inducted, which ensure even heat distribution
  • Comes with a detailed recipe guide

The Copper Flipwich non-stick sandwich maker comes with interlocking plates. The twin plates ensure your sandwich is cook on both sides because they lock in the heat.

This stovetop sandwich maker is light in weight and the handles stay cool and have a clip to keep them closed as you flip the toast.

Red Copper Flipwich Non-stick sandwich maker -  Sandwich Press

The Red Copper Flipwich sandwich maker is PTFE and PFOA-free. So you are safe cooking with it and you will never see it flaking off. Make use of the recipe guide to explore and have fun in your kitchen with different sandwiches. Whether you know how to flip a sandwich or not, this sandwich maker will make it easy for you; try out various recipes with confidence.

Rome’s Panini Press Cooker

Key Features

  • Made of heavy cast iron
  • Stylish, but easy to use
  • Easy to unscrew rods for thorough cleaning and storage
Rome's Panini Press Cooker, Cast Iron with Steel and Wood Handles
  • From the foremost designer of pie irons comes a specialty sandwich press designed to make delicious grilled Italian Panini sandwiches
  • Featuring a large 8" x 4" cooking surface and made from heavy cast-iron to insure uniform and solid pressure on the sandwich as it toasts
  • Rome's Panini Press makes cafe quality sandwiches with ease, style, and verve
  • Since it's made for grill and stovetop use, our Panini Press feature shorter rods than our campfire pie irons (22" instead of 28")
  • The rods also unscrew for easy clean up and storage

Rome’s Panini Press cooker is a unique sandwich maker that can be used over the grill, stovetop, or in an open fire. It has 8 by 4 inches cooking space and cooks your sandwich uniformly. Since it’s made of solid cast iron, your sandwich does not burn. You simply place it inside the sandwich inside and close the lid before placing it on stovetop burner or BBQ grill.

Rome's Panini Press Cooker - Best Stovetop Sandwich Maker

The wood handle remains cool and is attached to a metal to ensure it doesn’t catch fire. This is one of the few kitchen tools with a ten-year warranty, which says a lot about this Rome-made sandwich maker’s quality.

Double-sided Non-Stick Sandwich maker

Key Features

  • Double-sided and cooks on both sides
  • Non-stick cooking space
  • The overall structure is made of durable aluminum alloy.
  • Preserves the original taste of your food
Double Sided Frying Pan, Grilled Cheese Maker Nonstick Sandwich Maker Flip Grill Pan For Breakfast Toast Panini Waffle, Aluminum Alloy Cookware
  • 🥪【REVERSIBLE & DOUBLE-SIDED HEATING】 - The double sided pan can be heated on both sides, it is easy to turn over the food, the sealed cooking environment can lock the heat and maintain the original flavor of the food. Very suitable for making sandwiches, waffle, barbecue, steak, grilled cheese, omelettes, hot dogs etc.
  • 🥪【PREMIUM MATERIAL】 - The double sided frying pan is made of high quality aluminum alloy, The ergonomic bakelite handle is insulated and anti-scalding, safe and non-slip. There is a lock on the handle, which can firmly fix the two handles, making pressing and flipping more convenient and safer.
  • 🥪【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】 - Suitable for a variety of heating methods, including gas stoves, induction, electric ceramic stoves, etc. It is recommended to use over low or medium fire with a small amount of oil or butter.
  • 🥪【SIMPLY TO USE】This sandwich grill is non-stick, removable and easy clean-up. Once cooled, Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or clean in warm water.
  • 🥪【CELEBRATION ON PARTY】Happy Halloween, Eve of All Saint Day, Black Friday,Thanksgiving,Merry Christmas Day,New Year's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Easter Day, Birthday

The Double-Sided Non-Stick sandwich maker is made of strong aluminum alloy. It is safe and made of food-grade PTFE and you cook your food confidently on a gas stovetop. Since the cooking surface is made of non-stick material, your food cooks without sticking. Besides, its bakelite handle remains cool, making it easy to handle it over an open fire.

Double-sided Non-Stick Sandwich maker - Sandwich Press Stove Top

Things to Look When Buying the Best Stovetop Sandwich Maker

Check the plates

Nothing is hard like cleaning hardened food particles stuck on your sandwich maker. Choose a sandwich maker with non-stick plates. But make sure they are durable, thick and high quality. This will ensure that you can comfortably cook on a stovetop without burning your food.

The Handle Means A Lot

Since you will be cooking your sandwich on an open fire, make sure the sandwich maker has a long handle. It should be made of a material that will not get hot for your safety. Keep in mind, it should give you a firm grip when flipping your sandwich.

Size is important

Consider the number of people who need to be fed with the sandwiches made on it. However, most of the stovetop sandwich makers only cook two sandwiches at a time, but you can explore the market to find options with a larger capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make a toast with a stovetop sandwich maker?

Yes, the stovetop sandwich makers come with a heavy bottom that allows you to make toasts. You can apply some butter or olive oil and cook your bread for a few minutes. You leave the bread to cook until it turns golden brown.

How can I use a stovetop Panini press?

Using a stovetop Panini press is simple; you simply place it on the stove just like you do with a sandwich maker. Place your seasoned meat or filled sandwich, close the lid to allow the cook and get a crusty external part.

Can I make sausages in a stovetop sandwich maker?

A stove sandwich maker works like an electric one, only that it uses gas or charcoal to cook your food. So, it is possible to make your sausages or even burgers.

Can I cook my steak on a stovetop sandwich maker?

Yes, you can cook your steak on a stovetop sandwich maker. This includes pork and beef loin steaks. In fact, this sandwich maker can make exceptional tasty steaks because it cooks on direct heat. Do not add any oil to your steak if it has some. However, if the steak is lean, add some sesame oil and place it on the sandwich maker. It will take a few minutes to cook the steak and make sure you flip for even cooking.

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