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Best Spatula for Smash Burgers

Burgers have been served for more than a century, but their taste has evolved over the years.

Today, it’s possible for you to make smash burgers in your kitchen, but you need the right kitchen tools.

One way is to use a Smashburger press, which we have covered in detail in another article.

You may prefer to use a smashburger spatula instead of a smashburger press. Your spatula can be used for many more things beyond making hamburgers.

Here are the top smash burger spatulas that will make cooking smash burgers a walk in the park.

Best Spatula for Smash Burgers

1.      Victorinox Hamburger Turner

Victorinox Hamburger Turner - Smashburger Spatula
Victorinox Hamburger Turner

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Key Features

  • Sharp and strong
  • Made of strong carbon stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe

The Victorinox Hamburger Turner smash burger spatula is a versatile kitchen utensil. While it’s made of strong carbon stainless steel, it allows some flexibility needed for smooth flipping of a burger. Its blade has a gentle slope that enables it to slide beneath your greasy food and flip them without breaking them into pieces. The handle is made of wood and quite comfortable to hold on. Your wrists do not get tired as the walnut-colored handle allows a firm grip. Within no time, it becomes your favorite spatula for your pancakes, eggs, fish, and, smash burgers.

The burger turner measures 4 by 5 inches. It is ideal for handling round ground beef into flat, thin patties. You can use the solid blade to smash and flip hamburgers resulting in perfect, delicious burgers. Besides, it comes with a one-year warranty, which is great for a utensil that is used more than once in the kitchen.

2.      Winco Hamburger Spatula

Winco Hamburger Spatula - Best Spatula for Smash Burgers
Winco Hamburger Spatula

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Key Features

  • High-quality construction
  • Perfect for girdles and iron cast cookware
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with a wooden handle

The Winco Hamburger Spatula is a perfect choice if you are like making hefty burgers. Since it’s made of strong stainless steel, the blade is solid and doesn’t crumble your burger. This is the type of spatula that lasts a lifetime as it’s a product made by a company that understands the needs of both professional and upcoming chefs.

Flipping your burger is effortless with the sharp edges. It is strong enough to smash the burgers and lift them. Its flat blade lies flat on a skillet, which ensures no mess as you turn your burgers. Its stability and lack of flexibility also ensure its reliable even when making large burgers or any other meal that requires lifting and turning without crumbling. This is a truly excellent burger spatula.

3.      Mundial Hamburger Spatula

Mundial Hamburger Spatula- Smash Burger Spatula
Mundial Hamburger Spatula

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Key Features

  • Made of heavy material
  • Three-riveted wooden handle
  • Wide blade

A Mundial hamburger spatula is not only efficient but also a beautiful combo for your kitchen. It may have a classic look, but that doesn’t make it less modern with its firm three-riveted handle and a shiny steel blade.

Due to its large size, which is 6 by 5 inches, the manufacturer dubs it “Jumbo.” It is the perfect spatula for smashed burgers and other foods. Every kitchen needs a strong and large spatula for some of the recipes, and the Mundial Hamburger Spatula makes a perfect choice. Besides, you can also use it to make small and light burgers, eggs and fish. The beveled edge makes the ideal burger turner, and the wooden handle ensures a comfortable, yet firm grip.


Smashed burgers are tasty and delicious. You cannot trade them for anything and with the best spatula for smash burgers; it is possible to make them in your kitchen. The taste is completely different from mash burgers flipped with inefficient spatulas.

A perfect spatula for smash burgers should be thick and quite heavy, but also quite strong. Consider the handle, depending on the size of your hands for a comfortable and firm grip.

Any of the top burger spatulas above is ideal; just check the main features of each and choose what suits you best.


Which is the best burger spatula for smash burgers to use with my cast iron cookware?

You will find several options in the market when looking for an ideal spatula to use with you cast iron cookware. One of them is a stainless steel spatula. They are a great option because they are durable, strong, and light in weight. However, even silicone spatulas are also an excellent choice as the material is soft and doesn’t damage cast-iron cookware.

What do I need to smash my burger?

Smashing the burger ensures it browns evenly and adds to the flavor. But, sometimes, when overdone can make your burger too dry. Smashing can lead to loss of the burger’s natural juices.

How often should I flip my burger?

The best way to cook your smash burger is by using a thermometer. You shouldn’t touch it too often; not more three times. Rotate it several times and flip it once one side is done with your smashburger spatula and remove it depending on your preferred doneness.

Why do we call it smash burger?

The name Smashburger was used to refer to a restaurant that serves smashed burgers. They use their particular procedure for cooking the burgers on the grill without losing the juices and fats within it. This is why we try to make smash burgers using a great smash burger spatula to get the restaurant-like burgers.

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