Best Seaweed Snacks 2021

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Seaweed snacks are full of nutrients, including fiber, protein, carbs, and minerals such as choline, beta carotene, calcium, folate, and potassium.

The best seaweed snacks include Seaweed Love, gimMe, Annie Chun’s, SeaSnax, Wickedly Prime, and Sea’s Gift.

These snacks are crunchy, delicious and will quickly satisfy hunger cravings without giving you empty calories.

In the past few years, seaweed snacks have gained popularity for good reasons. They grow fast and help to keep water bodies free of carbon.

But that doesn’t make them less nutritious. They are the quickest way to enrich your diet. For energy boost any time of the day, here are some of the best seaweed snacks you can quickly grab:

Annie Chun’s

Annie Chun’s seaweed is one of the best seaweed snacks you will find in the market. It comes with a great flavor and quickly becomes a favorite to most people.

The best thing about Anne Chun’s is that it comes in four flavors that include sesame, vinegar, wasabi, and sea salt.

It has a crunchy bite that gives you a tingling flavor that you will yearn to eat from time to time. This snack is certified and perfect for vegans.

It is gluten-free and contains no preservatives, cholesterol, or any unhealthy fats. Each serving contains 25 calories or 50 calories for every container.

Some people find this snack a bit salty and may not want to have much of these roasted strips.

Others complain about its potency inconsistency, but it remains a healthy snack for those who love seaweed snacks.


GimMe Roasted Seaweed

GimMe Roasted seaweed snack is crispy and light with a flavor that appeals to most people. It also contains vitamins B 12, C, B, and A. it is safe and free of toxic artificial preservatives and flavors.

The snack comes in several variations, such as wasabi, teriyaki, sesame, olive oil, and avocado oil.

You can try one of these with your salad and can be eaten by anyone, including vegans. With all these various flavors available, you must find that will suit your preference.

The good thing with GimMe roasted seaweed is that it can be integrated with most diets such as vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, and Keto.

The manufacturer cultivates its seaweeds in South Korea. The only drawback of this seaweed snack is that it doesn’t have a strong flavor compared to other brands.

It also has a fishy taste. But the same disadvantages are what some people love most about it.


SeaSnax Seaweed

SeaAnax seaweed is a snack with a rich organic flavor. It is delicious and stands out among the others.

The best thing is that they do not contain sesame, canola, sunflower, and soy. It is low in fat, sugar, cholesterol and only has 15 calories in every serving.

The seaweed is grown in South Korea, making it perfect for anyone looking for a healthy snack to eat any time of the day.

It is made using other quality ingredients, but you assured that it has no sunflower and canola oils.

The main drawback is that a package may contain more or fewer calories depending on its size.

The quality of this seaweed snack is top-notch. It gives you various options full of nutrition value. You can choose what you find most pleasing.

They have olive oil and sesame oil flavors, which bring a new twist. But they also have their popular options, including wasabi and coconut oil.

They are roasted perfectly and make them crunchy and chewy, which prevents the snack from crumbling.

This ensures you eat without causing a mess from anywhere, including on your sofa. Since they are gluten-free, low fat, and only have 25 calories in each serving; they are an ideal snack for weight loss.

The only drawback about seaweed love is that they have a fishy smell and taste. Start with a small package and if you enjoy the flavor, go ahead and get a large pack.

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Tao Kae Noi Seaweed snack

Tao Kae Noi Seaweed comes with potent flavors that include Hot Chilli Squid and Spicy Tempura.

The extra tempura gives this snack incredible crunchiness, which satisfies your cravings for snacks. You can eat it with chips and a topper for your soup.

Despite being crunchy and delicious, they are sometimes not the perfect alternative for someone trying to lose weight because they make you feel full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are seaweed snacks good for you?

Seaweed snacks have become popular in the past few decades. They are a mainstream snack in the US. You can find in various forms including algae oil and seaweed snacks.

They are ideal replacement for unhealthy snacks like crackers and chips.

Can you overeat seaweed snacks?

You should not eat too much of seaweed snacks. Most of these snacks have a lot of sodium and other minerals.

This is why you should not eat too much of it. Some people react negatively and may get health complications, including thyroid dysfunction.

Can seaweed snacks cause me a stomach upset?

Sometimes, seaweed snacks can cause nausea. They contain too much potassium, and so kidney disease patients are likely to have stomach problems.

Weak or failing kidneys cannot remove wastes such as potassium from the body.


If you are looking for the best seaweed snacks, you have a wide variety to choose from. They are leafy with a unique taste that is different from kale.

It may not be magical, but it comes with many health benefits that you should not miss out on.

In Asian cuisines, they are a staple and the best option for anyone looking for an environmentally sustainable diet.

These close cousins of the leafy greens growing on the land are richer in vitamins because they grow in water.

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