Best mid range knife set In 2021

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Best mid-range knife set – Quality and Budget Minded

When it comes to the essential pieces to have in your kitchen, there is nothing quite like a quality knife set. A knife set should be an aesthetically pleasing part of your kitchen that provides daily use.

Filtering through the online market for knife sets can be difficult though, as there are tons of cheap options that appear to be top grade quality. Many times you get what you pay for with these deals.

Good knife sets are not going to be too cheap due to the materials it takes to make a quality set. The best and most valuable mid-range knife sets will deliver top end performance for a fraction of the high end price.

In a hurry? Here are our top product choices for the best midrange knife sets.

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1.McCook MC29 Knife Set (14 Pieces)

2.Knife Set, OOU Kitchen Knife Set, 15 Pieces

3.Chicago Cutlery Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set

It can be tempting to go with the cheapest knife set option you’re advertised online, but beware; Knife sets can be easily constructed and made to appear to be quality. These sets are sold at rock bottom prices, but will not meet your expectations when it comes to performance.

The most common shortcomings found in these sets are knives that rust quickly, become dull, and lose that visual luster that is expected from a quality knife set.

These cheap knife sets will quickly show their flaws. Most of the time, these problems are unfixable and will likely result in having to trash the knives one by one until the entire set is gone, as the usefulness and/or appearance will be affected.

These sketchy sets can even be dangerous if the quality is extremely low, as broken knives can easily slice an unknowing user.

Trust us when we say that we’ve tried the cheap options out there. Finding a quality knife set for less than $50 is simply not worth the hassle, as it will take 10 sets before you find one that looks stunning and lasts over time.

To avoid the cheap sets and all of the problems that come with them, throwing a couple more dollars and going with a mid-range option is our best advice.

The mid-range price has been a sweet spot for knife sets online, as we’ve been able to find a number of quality sets that deliver both superior performance and a visually stunning appearance.

1.McCook MC29 Knife Set (14 Pieces)

The first set reviewed on our list of the best mid-range knife sets is the McCook MC29 Knife Set. Made with german high carbon stainless steel, this 14 piece set includes :

8″ chef knife, 8″ slicing knife, 5″ santoku knife, 5.5″ serrated utility knife, 5″ utility knife, 3.5″ paring knife, six 4.5″ steak knife, all-purpose kitchen shears, and hardwood knife block with built-in sharpener.

This set made by McCook is the ideal baseline set, as it gives the buyer everything they will ever need without the extra flash.

With a sleek knife design and compact storage block, this set has the looks of a high end set. The difference between this set and others that are of a similar price point is the grade of steel that went into each blade.

This quality difference is most obvious when using these knives, as the sharpness of the blades can be felt by effortlessly cutting through steak, vegetables, and any other commonly cut foods and ingredients.

With seven different types of knives included, all needs will be met with this well-rounded set.

  Whether you are looking for precision cuts, daily use, or heavy duty slicing, the McCook MC29 Knife Set has you covered. With three different color options, there is bound to be a design that fits your kitchen.

In addition, McCook buyers can also rest assured that their knives will remain sharp because of the built in sharpener that’s been included on the block.

These blades use a unique taper grind edge technology that provides a sharper blade that is also easier to resharpen.

This is a huge asset to have, as it eliminates the possibility of the knives in the set going dull over time.

The McCook brand claims that each knife in their set is checked five times before being included in their sets, and their reviews back up this claim.

The most common review was the satisfaction of having the blade sharpener build into the block itself. Buyers also gave positive feedback on the heaviness and firmness of handles, as these two attributes gave the product a high end feel.


  • High-grade materials

Having quality materials in your knife set is a must, and this set promises just that. The high carbon stainless steel used in this set has proven to be able to remain sharp and visually stunning after countless uses and washes.

With proper care, the shine won’t fade from this set, resulting in a surprisingly new looking set month after month.

  • Optimal set size

With the knife set block height coming in at 8.26 inches, this beautiful set fits nearly anywhere in any kitchen. Store all of the cutting utensils you’d ever need without taking up the extra space in pullout drawers.

  • Value

At just over $60, this knife set is the most affordable on our list and is just within that mid-range price. This price is unreal, as the quality of this set blew us away. With every tool you’re looking for in a knife set and more, the McCook MC29 Knife Set is a fantastic option that will last for a long time and leave you satisfied.


  • Hand-wash only

The high carbon stainless steel material used to make these knives does not hold up to the heat of the dishwasher, as the blades will likely water stain when drying in the dishwasher. For this reason, each piece in this set is recommended to be washed by hand.

2.OOU Kitchen Knife Set ( 15 Pieces ) 

Next on our list of impressive mid-range knife sets is the OOU Kitchen Knife Set. This set includes one 8” chef knife, one 8” slicing knife, one 8” bread knife, one 5” utility knife, one 3.5” paring knife and six 4.5” steak knives.

In addition, this set also includes a transparent acrylic knife block, a blade sharpener, and a bear-claw shredder.

Possibly one of the sharpest knife sets we’ve seen, the OOU Kitchen Knife Set is a standout in the cutting category.

It takes a four-step sharpening method to perfect each blade, ensuring that each knife is ready to slice through any and everything in the kitchen like butter.

Each knife is made with high carbon stainless steel, and is coated with FDA-approved black-oxide layer that makes the surface of each blade resistant to rust and tarnish.

When going with this set, buyers can be guaranteed satisfaction. OOU Knife Sets come backed by a lifetime warranty that will replace knives that are damaged or even lost from the set.

For those blades that simply lose that brand-new sharpness, simply use the blade sharpener included in the set to bring back the edges to their pristine best.

With its modern appearance and flawless performance record, this knife set by OOU is becoming one of the hottest sets online.

Reviewers loved the appearance, as the black finish on the blades and the clear knife block truly makes this set stand out.

The sharpness of the blades was mentioned as a standout feature by reviewers as well.


  • Professional Grade Set

This set meets all of the standards required of a professional-grade knife set. With HRC56 stainless steel blades, there will be no challenge in the kitchen that this set isn’t ready for. Even heavy-duty tasks will be taken down with ease, and the appearance of the set will be kept intact.

  • Unique “Black-Oxide” Layer

One huge aspect that makes this knife set special is the BO or black-oxide layer that is applied to the stainless steel surface of each knife.

This BO layer is the secret ingredient responsible for keeping these blades rust-free for the duration of their lifespan, as well as what gives this set their distinctive appearance.

  • Extra pieces included

The OOC brand went above and beyond with this set, adding on some additional goodys on top of the knife set.

Along with the knives, buyers will also receive a blade sharpener, shears, and a bear-claw shredder.

The bear-claw shredder is a tool not found in many sets, and can be used for a number of different tasks that involves shredding foods, such as pulled pork, chicken, brisket, cheese, and much more. 


  • Knife block must be cleaned periodically 

Since the storage block for this set is transparent, it is highly recommended that the block is cleaned from time to time to ensure the best visual appearance possible.

The transparent block is slightly more work to keep clean than a traditional knife block.

  • Appearance doesn’t match many sets

The unique appearance of this set may be a turnoff to those who prefer a traditional look to their kitchen sets.

3.Chicago Cutlery Stainless Steel Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set

Our number one best mid-range knife set is the Chicago Cutlery Stainless Steel Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set.

This set includes : 8″ Chef knife, 6-3/4″ Serrated bread knife, 6″ Santoku knife, 4-3/4″ Utility knife, 3-1/4″ Paring knife, eight 4-1/2″ Steak knives, shears, chop assist and ebony-stain wood block.

It is hard to beat out a knife set made by Chicago Cutlery. This set falls right in the mid-range price bracket but delivers absolute high-end performance and appearance.

The sleek design and polished finish make these an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

Each stainless steel blade is guaranteed to remain rust-free, keeping that breathtaking appearance intact for as long as you properly care for the set.

The blade performance of this set by Chicago Cutlery is head-turning.

With 26-degree taper grind edge technology working for you with each stroke of these knives, the sharpness of the blades will always be above and beyond expectation when using this set.

The knife block has a built-in blade sharpener, allowing users to maintain their blade performance for longer.

The contoured stainless steel handle meshes with the blade in a way that will never loosen or become unfirm.

Users of the Chicago Cutlery knife set raved about the number of quality tools included.

Other reviews appreciated the appearance of the set, noting the elegant look it added to their kitchens.

Returning customers mentioned how long this set has held up, stating that the blades still shine like new.


  • Unmatched sharpness

Signature 26-Degree taper grind edge technology gives this blade an unmatched sharpness advantage.

This set will impress, as slicing and cutting has never been more effortless than when using blades as sharp as these.

  • Chicago Cutlery quality

From the block to the blades, Chicago Cutlery has mastered the knife set game. Buyers from this brand are often back for more, as consistency and quality is a mainstay when doing business with this brand.


  • None

Besides coming in as the most expensive knife set (barely) on our list of mid-range sets, there are few cons to find about this set by Chicago Cutlery.

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With the countless options available when browsing for your next knife set, remember that there are three qualities that you must demand to ensure you’re getting a reliable set. These qualities include :

  • Quality

The knives, blades used on the knives, and the knife block of the set must be well crafted and made from high-grade materials.

This means stainless steel blades that won’t rust or fade, firm handles that won’t loosen from blades, and pieces that will look new after usage and cleaning.

  • Performance

At the end of the day, the most important task a knife must do is to cut. Each set on our list is guaranteed to have high-performance blades that are among the sharpest available.

  • Longevity

Having a knife set that will be both useful and visibly pleasing over time is key. Pretender brands won’t be able to hold up to the tests of time, but any of the products on our list of the best mid-range knife sets are bound to be what you are looking for.

McCook MC29 Knife Set (14 Pieces)

OOU Kitchen Knife Set ( 15 Pieces ) 

Chicago Cutlery Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set


Which are the best mid-range knife sets?

When looking for the best mid-range knife sets, choosing one that comes with many pieces is the best idea. Some of the best brands you can buy include the 14 pieces McCook MC29 knife set and Chicago Cutlery Maiden piece that comes with 16 pieces. They are made by reputable companies and come with warranties.

What should you consider when choosing a knife set to buy?

A high-quality knife should be made of steel. So, make sure you know where the steel is located in the knife. Make sure the blade does not have signs of welding or joints because they create weak points. Such a knife can bend and break quickly and is, therefore, low quality.

Is it worth buying expensive knives?

Most expensive knives are worth every penny spent. However, whether your knives are costly or cheap, you have to sharpen them regularly. The high-quality knives will cost more and maintain sharpness longer than poor quality ones.

What is better quality, a steel knife or a stainless one?

A knife set for everyday use should have pieces that can withstand various tasks. So, you must buy a set that guarantees your durability and strength. A stainless knife is softer that one made of steel and tends to rust or discolour with time. However, carbon steel knives tend to remain sharper for long compared to stainless knives. So, if you want a high-quality knife set, go for one with steel knives.

Why are some sets of knives expensive, yet they look similar to the cheap ones?

Most knives indeed look similar; however, it is the construction of each piece that determines the price. The process of making the knife, type of steel, balance, and weigh can make the knife either expensive or cheap.

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