Best Meat Mix for Burgers

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Best Meat Mix for Burgers

There is no denying that the craving for a burger kicks in every now and then. The stomach already reserves a particular space for it.

When your taste buds already love those prepared by others, imagine creating your own juicy patties with your choice of meat is simply tantalizing.

An excellent meat mix can heighten the taste of your burger to another level.

Expensive cuts like filet, ribeye, or chuck are not the only meat that makes good patties for a burger. You can combine ground pork with ground round as well to prepare some good patties.

To help you explore and create your own delicious patties, we have gathered the best meat mix ideas:

Chuck, Clod, Brisket, and Short Rib:

Try to find out the most trustworthy butcher who sells quality meat because well-raised ones taste better.

You will need more quantity of chuck as compared to clod, brisket, and short ribs. This mix ensures that you have both fats and lean muscles to balance the texture.

Cut all these parts into strips and keep them to chill in the fridge. Chilling helps to stiffen the strips to go through the meat grinding machine more easily.

You can make it go for another round of grinding until you are satisfied with the size. Dress them and grill them with cheese, and your juicy patties are ready.

Ground Short Rib and Ground Round

Short Ribs have richer fat content while round has leaner muscles. This will give an incredible flavor while providing moisture to your burger.

Marinate this mixture with salad dressing of your choice and barbecue them. There’s your delicious customized patty!

Ground Round and Ground Pork:

Since ground round has lesser fat content, ground pork supplements the beef with fats- this combination is a real winner.

It gives your patty the flavor of delicious pork to your tasty meat. The ground pork keeps your burger moist, while beef lets you enjoy the texture and taste.

Ground Turkey And Ground Pork

Ground Turkey tastes excellent, but you might want to add a little moisture to your burger by adding ground pork.

Mix them with chili powder, salt, ground cumin, and dried oregano before grilling them with cheese. You will definitely love the result.

Sirloin, Brisket, Short Rib

Sirloin, brisket, and short rib make juicy and tasty patties for your burgers. Grind and grill them to experience how this fantastic mixture of beef gives you a pleasing aroma.

You will be left still craving for it if you do not make enough.

 Ground Chicken and Ground Pork

Grilling chicken and juicy pork with Italian seasonings make a nicely balanced recipe. Add jalapeno, tomatoes, and onions to your cheeseburger, and you will feel like a professional chef. This meat mix is simple yet delicious.

Lamb and Pork

If you have never tried lamb and pork together in a burger, you are missing out on a great delicacy.

Mix the ground lamb and ground pork with garlic, eggs, cumin, and bread crumbs to make the best-customized burger for yourself.

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