Best Machines to Make Smoothies

7 Best Machines to Make Smoothies

Whether you are looking for a smoothie maker to boost your health or just replace your old one, a blender is essential in every kitchen. The best thing is that you will find options in large numbers. They come in various sizes, models and features. Each machine for making smoothies has its unique features, and you, therefore, should take time to know which one you like most before deciding what to buy. Here are the top 7 small best machines you can buy to make smoothies.

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact personal blender with 18 Oz and 24 Oz

Key Features

  • 900 watts power
  • High performance that enables deep extraction
  • Twistable spout lid
  • Manual pulse for easy crushing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quality BPA-free plastic

If you are looking for a machine to make smoothies, Ninja Nutria Pro Compact personal blender is the best. It comes with the power of 900 watts that exerts a lot of energy in vitamin and nutrient extraction from fruit and vegetables.

It is also a versatile and highly durable machine; hence it is most prefered. It is equipped with a manual pulse that makes it easy to grind seeds, crush stems, skins smoothly and efficiently. When blending, the lid locks in safely, and when done, you simply twist it to the side for easy sipping. All plastic parts are BPA free it safe for use with foods. Besides, this blender is the dishwasher safer.

Personal UIO, 250W smoothies’ blender

Key features

  • 250 watts motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Two 20oz bottles to share a smoothie with
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel

The Personal UIO 250W smoothies’ blender comes with a 250 watts powerful motor. It is easy to use and clean since it is made of stainless steel: the steel blade crushes and blends smoothly, resulting in a smooth drink. You can also use it to make baby foods and milkshakes in addition to smoothies. After making your smoothie, you can serve it with the two 20oz bottles to serve or carry your smoothie with you when travelling or going to work. The bottles have lids, and though made of plastic, they are BPA-free.

Its bottom is made of a non-slip material that makes it hold on the counterihdon’t be worried that your machine will fall. When you the Personal UIO 250 watts smoothies blender, you get two bottles with lids, one sharp blade, the main machine body and a user manual.

Magic bullet blender

Key Features

  • A blender with 11 pieces
  • Quality BPA free body construction
  • A free recipe book

The magic Bullet Blender is an 11-piece blender set including blades, blinder cups, and a recipe book. It comes with versatility and can be used in different operations, including chipping, grinding, mixing, and blending, thus making it perfect if you like exploring various recipes.

It is easy to use, thanks to the 250 watts motor with a high torque power base. This is what ensures you get a smooth mixture whether you want to grind, blend or chop your ingredients. The machine is also durable and will still be in good shape even after hours of use.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for smoothies

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Small in size, drink and blend for the same jar
  • A single touch blending
  • Strong stainless steel blending blades
  • Fast and reliable 175 watts motor

If you would like to carry your smoothies with you then this blender is a good choice because it comes with 14 ounce blending jar that has a lid and you can use it to carry your smoothie. It is dishwasher safe thanks to the blender’s compact plastic body. It also looks great and something you can proudly use at your office home or when travelling.

It is equipped with steel blades with great crushing power, which you can use for excellent smoothies, chop salads, mix marinades, create milk shakes and blend baby food. The motor has 175 watt power and it’s efficient enough for reliable and fast performance. It is a unique blender where you blend and drink from the same jar.

Oyeet Personal Blender smoothies

Key Features

  • Powerful 1000 watts motor
  • Good for thick smoothies
  • Powerful and strong personal blender for excellent extraction
  • Easy to clean BPA free plastic
  • Durable motor that doesn’t overheat

This blender comes with an IF ward winning design and it’s the most reliable blender if you want to extract vitamins and other nutrients from your ingredients. You can also use it with other ingredients in addition to veggies and fruits including berries and nuts. It has 1000 watts motor which guarantees you excellent smoothie with all ingredients crushed and blends in to incredible smoothness.

With this machine you don’t need to use much effort during extraction since it only takes a second to turn your ingredients into a yummy smoothie. If you love thick smoothies, this blender will not let you down. Its blades wade through the thick ingredients and mix them in to delicious smoothies effortlessly. It is advanced such and allows sufficient airflow when blending and remains compact even after countless uses.

Blender for Shakes and Smoothies 1200 Watts

  • Auto blend system
  • Detachable pieces
  • 1200 watts motor
  • Compact small design

The Blender for shakes and Smoothies 1200 watts is one of the advanced blenders you can find in the market. It has a touch screen and easy to use set up functions. Besides, when blending, you do not need to hold the lid the down, it has a lid that shuts tightly and will not open even as the ingredients stir and roll about inside the blending jar.

When done with blending, the blades are detachable along with the cups making it easy to clean it up. You can also clean the lids, cups and blades in the dishwasher. This is your compact blender to use on the counter and will even take much of your time. It is intelligent and with a strong motor for quick and real smooth tastes.

It is a compact blender thus occupies small space in your kitchen it is also easy to store this machine. It is easy and fast to clean this machine since the blade and cups are not fixed you can easily separate them for easy cleaning. It comes with a motor that has 1200 watts this makes it more powerful hence production of actual smooth taste. The sharp cuts the cells and fibers hence making it easy to drink.

When using the blender, it stands firmly thanks to its four suction feet that grip the counter firmly. It takes a little space and working with it will not interfere with other activities in your cooking area.


If you are looking for a small blender to use at home or in the office, you can choose of the above. They have different features. Choose what suits your needs.

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