The Best and Quietest Garbage Disposal in 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide

Best Garbage DisposalVery few kitchen appliances can make your life as easy as a garbage disposal.

Rather than having to constantly throw away scraps (which fills up your garbage can quite quickly) you can instead just put them in the garbage disposal.

It also makes things like washing dishes in the sink a lot easier.

However, given that garbage disposals are a bit of a luxury item, not everyone is familiar with how to pick out the best garbage disposal for them.

That is the purpose of this review article – What to look for when buying a garbage disposal.

What is the best Garbage Disposal to Buy ?

If you don’t feel like reading all our reviews, we recommend just buying the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal, 1HP.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Garbage Disposal 2019

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Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal, 1HP

We are going to start off this best garbage disposal review list the right way by reviewing a real beast of a garbage disposal, the Waste King.

This garbage disposal has a lot of really great features, but by far the best one is the high amount of power that it brings to the table.

As you can see from the product name this is a 1HP (horsepower) garbage disposal.

For those who don’t know how powerful that is, let’s break it down.

A 1-horsepower garbage disposal is capable of doing two things. Firstly, it can handle a ton of waste.

If you were to use a guide, a 1-horsepower garbage disposal would be the kind of disposal that you want for a family of 4 or more.

It can handle a ton of food waste without slowing down one bit.

Secondly, because of the high power that it brings to the table, it is capable of grinding some pretty serious food waste.

Obviously, it can do scraps like pretty much any other garbage disposal can, but it can also do things like seeds, fruit with pits, hard vegetables, meat with small bones, and other tough pieces of food waste that would clog a regular garbage disposal.

The high power of this garbage disposal also helps to prevent a very common issue with certain garbage disposals, which is jamming.

We are sure that everyone out there has seen a garbage disposal jam before (if not in real life, you have probably seen it on television).

Garbage disposals jam because the blades don’t have the power to grind up certain items.

The huge motor on the Waste King L-8000 does help to prevent it from jamming.

An often-underrated aspect of garbage disposals is how easy they are to install.

It can be easy to get caught up in talking about things like horsepower to forget that you have to install the garbage disposal.

Thankfully, the Waste King excels in that department as well.

It comes with pre-installed electrical cord, so getting this up and ready is easy.

Even if you have no experience with sinks or electrical work, you can still get this garbage disposal set up nice and easy.

The only downside to the Waste King is that because of its power, it is also very loud.

It tries to limit the noise by using sound insulation around the motor, but it doesn’t really do all that much.

Extremely powerful.
Doesn’t jam easily.
Easy to install.
Can handle large amounts of tough food waste.

Very noisy.

Waste King 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-3200)

We are following up our first review by reviewing yet another garbage disposal from Waste King.

The thing that sets this particular Waste King apart from the previous entry on our best garbage disposal review list is the fact that this one is a bit less powerful.

Now, at first, this may seem confusing.

After all, why would we feature a less powerful option on our best garbage disposal review list?

Well, as you will see in this review, while the disposal is less powerful, it does come with other, significant advantages.

Let’s start the review by discussing the power of this disposal.

As the name of the product makes clear, this is a ¾ or .75 horsepower garbage disposal.

This is different from the first Waste King garbage disposal that we looked at, which was 1 horsepower.

While this one is less powerful, it does come with quite a few advantages.

Firstly, the smaller motor makes the garbage disposal more compact and therefore easier to install.

It also takes up less space under your sink, leaving more room for storage.

Another great feature of this Waste King disposal is that it isn’t as noisy.

The smaller motor doesn’t produce anywhere near as much noise as the 1 horsepower Waste King model did.

However, we don’t want to mislead you. Just because the motor is a bit less powerful on this model doesn’t mean that it is weak by any means.

At .75 horsepower it can still grind up quite a lot of food waste.

It can also handle some pretty tough pieces of food, including smaller bones and pieces of fat.

It can handle the food waste of a family of around 3 to 4 people. So, it isn’t an underpowered garbage disposal by any means.

It does share a few things in common with the last Waste King garbage disposal that we reviewed.

For example, it is extremely easy to install because the wiring is all pre-done, you just need to plug in the power cord.

Easy installation.
Not that noisy.
Still fairly powerful.

Not good for larger families.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposal

If you liked a lot of what we said in our previous review on this best garbage disposal review list, but for some reason, you don’t want a Waste King garbage disposal, then you might like the InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposal instead.

For starters, much like the last product that we reviewed, the InSinkErator is a .75 (or ¾) horsepower garbage disposal.

As we have said before, .75 horsepower motors may not be as powerful as 1 horsepower motors, but they are still more than serviceable.

You can easily use this to grind up pretty large pieces of food, including tougher things like bones and pits.

The motor also allows you to grind up large amounts of food at once, so it is a good option for larger families.

It is also exceptionally quiet.

This is due both to the motor and to the use of “SoundSea Technology.”

So, if you have always wanted a garbage disposal, but the loud noise has scared you away, then this is a really good option because it is so extremely quiet.

When it comes to installation, the InSinkErator is very easy to install.

Everything fits into place logically and you should be able to have this up and running in 20-minutes or less.

The only downside to this particular garbage disposal is that it does work slowly.

This is likely due to the technology that it uses to keep the noise down.

The SoundSeal Technology lets water and waste down into the disposal slowly, which slows things down but also keeps the noise down.

Powerful enough for a decently-sized household.
Very easy to install.
Very quiet.

Works at a slow pace.

Moen GXS75C GX Series 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

If you are familiar at all with high-quality sink products, then you are probably familiar with Moen.

Moen is usually known for making top-of-the-line faucet, however, they also make other products, including garbage disposals.

As you can probably tell from this disposal’s presence on our best garbage disposal review list, this garbage disposal definitely lives up to the standards set by their other, fantastic sink products.

For starters, this is a .75 horsepower garbage disposal. So, it has a nice balance between power and cost.

There is enough horsepower to grind up a lot of food scraps and to grind up tougher pieces of food with ease.

At the same time, the motor being less powerful means that the garbage disposal isn’t anywhere near as pricey as say a 1 horsepower garbage disposal would be.

When it comes to installing the Moen, you have two choices.

You can use the pre-installed power cord and just fit the garbage disposal into place, or you can remove the power cord and do the wiring yourself (or get a professional to do it for you).

If you do choose to use the pre-installed power cord, installation is extremely easy and quick.

The Moen comes with the Universal Xpress Mount system, which makes it possible to install this garbage disposal in under 15-minutes.

We should also note before we finish this review that while we featured the .75 horsepower model on our best garbage disposal review list, the Moen has 4 different models to choose from.

Each model has a different power level, so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Different power options available.
Easy installation.
Powerful .75 horsepower motor.
Uses Moen’s Universal Xpress Mount system.

Surprisingly noisy for a disposal of this power level.

Frigidaire FFDI331DMS GrindPro 1/3 HP

For our last entry on the best garbage disposal review list, we wanted to review a very cheap, easy to use garbage disposal.

So far, most of the disposals that we have reviewed have fallen into the .75 or 1 horsepower category. For some these may be a bit too expensive or a bit too powerful, or both.

If you want a weaker, quieter, and more affordable garbage disposal, then you will want to check out the Frigidaire FFDI331DMS GrindPro 1/3 HP.

As you can tell, this is a 1/3 or .33 horsepower garbage disposal.

As you will see in our buying guide, this is around the weakest horsepower that you can find on a garbage disposal.

However, the weak motor brings several advantages.

For starters, this garbage disposal is by far the cheapest option on this entire best garbage disposal review list.

If you want a garbage disposal, but you are also on a budget, then this is a good option.

In addition to being a lot more affordable, the low-power motor also means that this is extremely quiet, especially when compared to a lot of the other, high-power options on this list.

Finally, the small motor makes the unit as a whole a lot more compact, which makes it easier to fit into the bottom of your sink.

The low power of the motor obviously makes this unsuitable for larger households.

It also means that it can’t really grin up larger or tougher food items.

However, if you live alone or with a partner, and you don’t produce a lot of food waste, then this can be a good, affordable little garbage disposal.

It can also be useful for experimenting with garbage disposals and seeing if they are for you.

Good for smaller households.

Not for larger families.
Not very powerful.

Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Now that you have finished reading our best garbage disposal review list, it is time to move onto the second part of our article, which is our best garbage disposal buying guide.

The purpose behind this buying guide is simple, we are going to explain how you can go about picking out a really good garbage disposal that will meet the needs of you and your family.

This guide is going to primarily help those who have never used or bought a garbage disposal before, but it might contain some info that even people familiar with garbage disposals weren’t aware of.

How To Know How Much HorsePower I Need

While you were searching through our best garbage disposal review list, you no doubt saw that garbage disposals are often categorized in terms of how powerful their motors are (which is measured using horsepower).

This naturally results in the question “how much horsepower is right for my family?” When it comes to garbage disposals, horsepower is measured in fractions of 1. .33 horsepower is the weakest, .50 horsepower is in the middle, .75 horsepower is the second strongest, and 1 horsepower is the most powerful (at least for home garbage disposals).

More powerful garbage disposals tend to be a lot more expensive, so you want to make sure you aren’t wasting money on a disposal that has more power than you need.

.33 horsepower: This level of power is good for small, 1 to 2 person households. Garbage disposals with this level of power can handle extremely small amounts of waste and aren’t very tough. So, you can’t use them to grind up bones, seeds, pits, or anything like that. But they are good enough to handle small scraps that are likely to be left on your plate after dinner.

.50 horsepower: This level of power is good for bigger households of 2 to 3 people. They can handle a moderate amount of waste and moderately strong food items. So, while you can’t use these to grind up bones, you don’t have to be afraid of throwing in bigger pieces of food either.

.75 horsepower: Garbage disposals with .75 horsepower motors are good for large 3 to 4 person households. They are powerful enough to grind up large amounts of food waste and they can even grind some pretty tough items, like bones, large food skins, large pieces of fat, etc. They also very rarely jam because of the high amount of horsepower.

1 horsepower: Finally, we have 1 horsepower garbage disposals. These are meant for large households of more than 4 people. They can grind up very tough items like large bones and the pits of fruit. They can also handle a ton of food waste at once, so you can essentially scrape an entire plate into one and it will handle it with ease. Likewise, the powerful motor ensures that it will basically never jam.

Other Things To Consider

While power may be the most important thing to consider when looking for the best garbage disposal, it isn’t the only thing to consider either. There are other factors that should influence your decision making when buying a garbage disposal.

For starters, you want a disposal that is easy to install. Unless you want to pay a lot to have a contractor come in and install your disposal, it is best to go with a very easy to install disposal. In particular, you want to look for disposals that have the wiring done already, as this makes the process a lot easier.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is noise reduction. Nobody likes having to deal with a super noisy garbage disposal. It can also be very annoying for your neighbors if you live in an apartment or a shared space.

Thankfully, as you saw on our best garbage disposal review list, many garbage disposals come with some form of noise reduction.


This is the end of our best garbage disposal article. If you have any questions that our review list or buying guide didn’t answer, you are encouraged to leave a comment letting us know.


  1. What size of garbage disposal should buy?

The size of the garbage disposal will be determined by your needs and the size of your household. Depending on these two factors, you may have a lot of garbage hence require a high power garbage disposal.

  1. Can I put all food wastes into the garbage disposal?

You should not put ALL food waste in the garbage disposal. The system will malfunction if you put pasta, eggshells, beans, oil, fruits and vegetables. Do not put foods that do not breakdown easily.

  1. What causes an odor in the garbage disposal?

A bad odor indicates that you do not grind the waste for long enough, and there could be food debris rotting in the grinding chamber. Flush in water, and run the machine to clear the dirt.

  1. Is garbage disposal noisy?

It will depend on the model of the garbage disposal that you buy. All garbage disposals make noise make them use a motor for operations. But some are louder than others.

  1. Why is my garbage disposal humming?

This is a common problem, and it indicates that the garbage disposal is jammed. The machine is unable to grind because of the clogging. You can check the manual to see a simple process for solving this problem.

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