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Veggie Burger Press Overview

A good veggie burger press is a simple veggie burger press. Veggie burger presses are a fun and easy tool to use to add some extra customization and flavor to your next veggie burger.

There are plenty of patty press options out there, but which is the best for veggie burgers? This article covers that topic and much more.

In a hurry? Here are our top product choices for the best burger press for veggie burgers.

Easy for Life Stuffed Burger Press Kit 3-in-1 – Exclusive Red Color (Best on a Budget)

GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminum Patty Maker (Best Mid Range)

Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press (Best Overall)

The Best Veggie Burger Presses will be Large

For starters, the veggie burger press must be fairly large, as veggie burgers can call for a number of ingredients to be added.

These ingredients can include all kinds of different beans, vegetables, and other non-meat ingredients.

Large veggie burger molds are ideal, while smaller molds will fall short when it comes to being able to hold in and mold these veggie burger ingredients.

A quality veggie burger press is always going to be in demand because of all of the unique recipes and ways there are to make veggie burgers.

One problem with these recipes is that putting them altogether can be difficult. That is where a veggie burger press comes into play, allowing the user to easily form veggie burgers.

A Good Veggie Burger Press will be Non Stick

Veggie burger ingredients can be stickier than regular meats, making the non-stick factor of a veggie burger press even more of a priority than when pressing meat patties.

Non-stick veggie presses will result in a cleaner, more professional looking burger, as well as a press that is easy to clean.

The Best Veggie Burger Presses:

Easy for Life Stuffed Burger Press Kit 3-in-1 – Exclusive Red Color

Veggie Burger Press

Our first press that is the best for veggie burgers is the 3-in-1 kit by the company Easy for Life.

This kit includes two different sized veggie burger presses for all of your veggie burger-shaping needs, one for 3.5”- 4” burgers and a smaller mold for 2”- 2.5” burgers.

Using this product is as simple as choosing which size mold to fill, filling the mold with your veggie burger ingredients, pressing ingredients with mold kit, and dropping the freshly pressed veggie burger out of the bottom. Easily mold your veggie burgers to your favorite size faster than ever.

This product is one that presses veggie burgers of all sizes well.

With a money-back guarantee that lasts 30 days after purchase if the buyer is not satisfied, there is absolutely no risk in trying out the Easy for Life Stuffed Burger Press Kit when making your next veggie burgers.

Users of this item were satisfied with the handiness of this product.

Reviewers loved how fast and easy pressing veggie patties was with this kit, as it is much easier and more precise than when done by hand.

Pushout bottom is ideal for veggie burger lovers, who benefited the most from this feature as they were able to craft complex recipes with all kinds of ingredients.


  • Unbeatable value

For $10, there is no beating the value of the Easy for Life Stuffed Burger Press 3-in-1 Kit. With three different veggie burger press sizes, this simple and easy-to-use kit will be all you need to satisfy your veggie burger pressing needs.

  • No waxed paper needed

Unlike the other veggie burger presses on our list, this kit does not call for the use of wax paper. The pushout bottom allows your veggie burger to easily slide out after being pressed.


  • Tough cleanup 

While the pushout bottom makes getting your pressed veggie burgers out of the mold easier, it makes cleanup tougher.

Ridges and edges of the mold can get filled with ingredients and seasonings of your veggie burger, making it tough to make the Easy for Life Stuffed Burger Press Kit look new again.

GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminum Patty Maker (with 100 Wax Papers)

Veggie Burger Press

Up next is the GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminum Patty Maker and wax papers.

Made with nonstick cast aluminum, simply load up and press down to use this veggie burger press.

To ensure a non-stick experience, it is recommended that wax paper be used on the bottom of the press. Wax paper is included in this set.

Built to easily handle veggie patties weighing anywhere between .25 lbs and .50 lbs, this veggie burger press will be able to handle any veggie burger with any ingredients.

The high quality nonstick cast aluminum is ideal for easy transfer from mold as well as easy cleanup. Veggie burger leftovers never stick to this surface, making it one of the easiest pieces in your cookware set to maintain.

The simplicity of this item was the most positively reviewed characteristic.

Users loved the easiness that came with simply packing the mold to their desired level and gliding the pressed patty from the mold.

There were mixed reviews on the burger shape, as some were expecting thicker burgers and some were happy with the thinner, wider burgers.


  • More than just veggie patty mold

Unlike all of the other veggie burger presses on our list, the GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press is not just a mold, but can also be used as a roast plate or put directly over heat with a veggie burger inside.

  • Patty shape and size

The shape and size of the GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press was one of our favorites because it compliments veggie burgers well.

Typically, veggie burger lovers prefer a thinner, rounder patty as opposed to a thicker patty. This is because veggie burger meat will usually taste better when evenly cooked, while regular meat burger eaters may prefer a mix of meat rarities.


  • Use of wax paper 

One minor drawback when using the GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press is having to use waxed paper on the bottom of the press.

While this is not the biggest of flaws, it is an extra step that is avoided in other veggie patty press models. There are 100 sheets of wax paper included in the set.

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Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press

Veggie Burger Press

Coming in at number one on our list of the best presses for veggie burgers is the Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press.

Just a cut above the rest, this press is made from high grade cast aluminum. This set is not only much more visually appealing than sets two and three, but it also outperforms them as well.

The ease of the press along with the amount of ingredients that can be pressed in the Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press exceeds that of its competitors.

The adjustability sets this press far apart from the rest.

With an adjustable feature that allows veggie burgers to be pressed anywhere from .25” inches to 1.75” inches in height, this veggie burger press by Cuisinart is as dynamic of a press as you’ll find.

While other presses depend on different amounts of ingredients to dictate the size of the burger, this press by Cuisinart can decide with the turn of a knob.

Reviewers of this veggie burger press loved the sturdiness and heavy feel of the press.

Vegan burger makers loved the extra thickness of this press, as it allowed them to add as many ingredients as desired into their veggie patties.


  • Commercial grade press

Made of durable cast aluminum, this veggie burger press is much more durable than the cheaper burger press options.

The materials and design of this veggie burger press will be able to stand up to any and all veggie meat pressing challenge.

  • Adjustable patty size

With the capability to handle up to .75 lb patties and the ability to adjust to .25 lb patties, the range of the Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press is quite impressive.

While other veggie burger presses force you to fill up their press size, this press by Cuisinart allows you to customize the size of each veggie burger pressed.

  • Superior performance and appearance

When browsing for the best quality veggie burger press, the Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press quickly emerged as our favorite.

The visual appearance of this press is far more elegant than any of the previously mentioned candidates. The performance is superior as well, as pressing veggie burgers has never been more effortless.


  • No wax paper included

One small setback with the Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press was the fact that it needs some sort of waxed paper for use, but does not include the paper with the press like others on our list did. Fortunately, this wax paper is available at high volumes for very cheap prices.

  • Cleanup

Since this model is of slightly highly quality than the rest, it does take a little more effort to maintain.

Cleanup of this veggie burger press will take two or three times as long as the others on this list, as it is made up of a few different parts and the hand-wash method is recommended.


Veggie burger presses are items that should be simple to use and enjoyable to apply to your veggie patties. Make sure that your veggie burger press has the following to ensure your getting a quality product:

  • High grade non-stick surface

The single most important aspect that a quality veggie burger press must possess is a reliable non-stick surface. Non-stick surfaces will lead to cleaner, easier patty making.

  • Adds versatility to your veggie burger game

The veggie burger press is meant to allow you, the chef, to customize your veggie burger to your own liking by adding any custom ingredient you desire.

If your veggie burger press is allowing you to be more versatile when cooking your veggie burger, it’s doing its job.

  • Long lasting burger presses

Your burger / veggie burger press should last many years for you and your family.

Make sure to go with items that are well made and crafted from quality materials. To ensure you do so, simply go with one of our top items reviewed in our list of the best veggie burger presses above.

Check out today’s prices on Amazon below…

Easy for Life Stuffed Burger Press Kit 3-in-1 – Exclusive Red Color

GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminum Patty Maker (with 100 Wax Papers)

Cuisinart CABP-300 Adjustable Burger Press

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