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Best Breads for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

There’s something about grilled cheese sandwiches that simply stand the test of time. Anyone who’s a fan of quality bread toasted with the gooey goodness of melting cheese knows it.

It can be a quick snack, a comfort food, or the day’s lunch, depending on how you make it.

There are many opinions on what makes the best cheese and best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. So, today we want to help you clear the confusion.

Now, there are a variety of opinions on which bread is really the best for a properly grilled sandwich. So, we’ll go through some of the best ones so that you can decide on your own. Let’s begin!

The best bread for grilled cheese sandwich: Top Picks

·        White Bread: The Purist’s bread for grilled cheese sandwiches

Let’s get the obvious choice out of the way first. Many people still swear by white bread when it comes to sandwiches, let alone grilled cheese!

And there’s a certain element of truth in it. Grilled cheese purists will argue that the traditional white bread and American cheese combo is always the way to go.

However, white bread does have the reputation of having less nutrition compared to other whole-wheat varieties.

While this is partly true, it’s not necessarily unhealthy (if taken in moderation). Many still take it to be the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, and popular practices seem to think so.

For fans of white bread, you can hold on to the fact that it retains a crispier structure thanks to all the fat it absorbs from the cheese and butter.

·        Sourdough: The Gourmet Grilled Cheese

If you’re ordering a grilled cheese sandwich from a gourmet restaurant or the Starbucks down the block, you’ll probably be getting sourdough bread.

If you’re making it yourself, the texture will depend on the type of sourdough you use. It can be artisan-style bread that’s chewy and crusty. Or it can come in a softer texture that has a lot of flavors.

It’s surely a healthier option compared to white bread or even whole wheat bread. It’s packed with minerals and vitamins that are missing in regular bread types.

While most consumers agree that sourdough bread is the more nutritious option, you should look it up first if you have digestive or related medical conditions.

·        Pullman Bread: White bread’s more sophisticated cousin

Pullman bread may be just the right choice for fans of white bread that are willing to move up to more artisanal alternatives. It’s an airy and soft bread that’s still crustier than your average white bread.

It’s also a great choice for presentation, thanks to its consistent size and shape. For those of us with allergies, you may want to check out whether your Pullman has wheat and soy ingredients. Other than that, the bread is usually rich in Vitamins B1 and B2.

If you have some Parmigiano, sprinkle it along with the bread slices. If you grill it right, you should get a cheesy and extra-crispy crust.

Bread is a Critical Part of a Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich

·        Ciabatta: The grilled cheese sandwich with Italian bread

Ciabatta is a beautiful but gnarly-looking bread that offers pleasant flavors along with a light texture.

It’s easy to recognize thanks to the gaping alveolar holes that give it a unique texture. The general composition of Ciabatta usually falls around the sugar, flour, and yeast combination.

Many consumers believe that it’s a healthier option because of the olive oil in the original recipe. But it’s more an indulgence than a diet-friendly bread.

Most Americans may not think of it as the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, but it’s surely up there on the list.

But a grilled cheese sandwich can be any type of meal, so you prepare it with other balancing ingredients.

If you’re ever at a loss for recipe ideas, a salt-seasoned parsley & walnut spread can go really well with your traditional Ciabatta grilled cheese.

·        Multigrain: The wholesome grilled cheese

One of the biggest pros of multigrain bread is that it can accommodate a wide variety of flavors. If you’re someone who likes mixing up your grilled cheese recipes, this one might be your best bet.

This wholesome, grain-studded bread is also rich in fiber. So, you’ll feel full for longer without excessive calories.

Also, if nutrition is your thing, then multigrain offers more value than the processed flour used in regular white bread.

Most cooks agree that a combination of shredded gouda and cheddar work best for multigrain sandwiches. You can even add roasted tomato slices for added tanginess.

·        Pumpernickel: Rye that lets you build flavors.

If you can get authentic, artisan pumpernickel bread, you’ll get a host of health benefits. It’s rich in lignans, low in glycemic load, and helps with digestion.

Of course, all store bought pumpernickel may not have all these benefits. So, make sure you check out the ingredients and info before adding it to your grocery basket.

Since pumpernickel is stout, malty, and dark, it can really complement a lot of brighter flavors. You can play around with shredded fruits, sliced hams, or bright chutneys if you like.

Essentially, you’re getting a sober bread base that can support a whole host of flavors. So, go ahead and experiment!

·        English Muffins: Your grilled cheese breakfast

If you can stick to the whole-grain or whole-wheat muffins, you’ll get more nutritional value out of your breakfast.

Of course, we say breakfast, but English Muffins-sandwiches can be enjoyed at any meal. The bread is rich in minerals and has decent fiber.

English muffins offer a toasty and crisp exterior while holding all the goodness of melted cheese in the crevices.

Shredded American cheese can go really well with this bread. But it really comes down to which cheese you prefer.

Final Note

The choice of bread for your grilled cheese sandwich can ultimately make or break the meal.

Check out our list of the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches so that you know what to pair them with.

Each bread listed here offers something new to your recipe. So, don’t be afraid to give each one a try.

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