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Bamboo Steamer vs Metal Steamer Comparison

The difference in cooking devices can make a real change to the outcome of the desired dish. With that being said, today we are looking at the comparison between a bamboo steamer and a metal or stainless steel one.

Bamboo Steamer vs Metal Steamer

One of the only differences between a bamboo or metal steamer is the fact that bamboo steamer can often absorb a little bit of the steam instead if it allowing it to naturally recondense inside the food. Another difference is that a metal steamer can heat up more than a bamboo one. This can possibly make the bottom of the food a little bit crispier.

I personally think the difference is negligible between a bamboo or metal steamer.

Can I get away with using a metal steamer instead of a bamboo one ?

It really depends on your taste buds. As I mentioned the differences are quite small but some of us just prefer using a bamboo steamer. There is something to be said about how something is cooked to its perceived flavor. I think you can get away with it.

Bamboo steamer Advantages

Bamboo steamer are fantastic because they are very affordable and relatively easy to find in kitchenware shops.

Tip- After cleaning you can dip a towel in tea, preferably a tea with a nice fragrance. This can help the bamboo steamer stay nice and odor free.

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Bamboo Steamer vs Metal
Bamboo Steamer vs Metal

Steel Steamer Advantages

Steel steamers are usually quite bigger when compared to bamboo steamers. Some other benefits include the efficiency of the steel steamer. You may find that you don’t have to refill the metal steamer with water and that even medium heat can produce steam.

Easier to clean – Another big plus for the metal steamers is the fact that they are easier to clean. This makes a big difference as cleaning is not something most people look forward to.

The metal steamer will also not absorb the odors in the same way that bamboo one can. You may find that after a few uses the bamboo steamers start to get a little on the nose.


It really comes down to preference but there are definitely some decent advantages with the metal steamers when compared to their bamboo steamer counterpart. With that being said, I’ve heard many people just like the bamboo steamer for traditional reasons or for purely nostalgic reasons. Its what they liked when they were a kid or just what they’re used to. Whatever way you decide to go, all the best with your steaming and take care!

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