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How to Clean Burnt Saucepans

How To Clean Burnt Saucepans

It only takes a second and the next thing you know, you have a burnt-on mess in your favorite saucepan. And depending on what you are cooking, you may find that your usual cleaning method is just not going to work. You even walked away overnight to find the charred remains still holding tight.

Kitchen Shears vs Scissors

Kitchen Shears vs Scissors

The best kitchen shears can cut thick rope and paper and perform other tasks like cutting vegetables or fruits. They can also cut through meat and into bones due to their strong, sharp blades.

Shredded Cheese Container

shredded cheese container

You can save a bit of money by shredding your own cheese. But what do you do with your shredded cheese? This guide to shredded cheese containers will take you through everything you need to know about shredded cheese and its proper storage.

If You Bake Two Lasagnas and Stack Them

If You Bake Two Lasagnas and Stack Them

Can you stack two baked lasagnas? The answer can vary, depending on who you ask. Some individuals may say if you bake two lasagnas and stack them that they will inevitably cause a disaster at the table, while others believe they are perfectly stackable without issues.

How to Keep Burgers From Shrinking

How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking

Whether you’re cooking burgers on the grill or in a pan, it is essential to know how to keep burgers from shrinking. Although shrinkage is normal when cooking hamburgers, you can take measures to minimize the problem.